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Trains, Planes and I Need a Break from Travel.....

About to take my 6th flight in less than 2 weeks. Headed to the 5th airport. Except my original flight was cancelled....and I've been sitting here for 4 hours and counting....thank goodness for power outlets (extremely scarce in the Phoenix airport) and Wi-fi.

A few days ago I almost missed a flight from Chicago to home, since the Blue Line was under construction. I had to get off the subway (or the L or whatever they call it there), take a bus with a driver who had NO idea where he was going, survive a few miles packed in like sardines, get back on the train while hauling my 2 suitcases plus laptop up multiple flights of stairs, get in line at O'Hare to check bags and arrive at the counter at 630. My flight left at 650. No way said the lady, unless I could carry things on. Umm....not possible. At the last second she noticed my flight had been delayed by 30 minutes and she could sneak me on! That made up for the fact that my newish iPod quit working the day before.

I got in my c…