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Despite My Previous Post....

Phoenix has enough good food that it made me want to visit in March for Devoured (despite two prior trips already this year.  Enough).  Shannon and I ate our way through the festival last year, and it just needs to be a tradition. 
I was relieved to see much lower gas prices in AZ.  
I rolled into town Friday night.  Chantal was out on her million man dating project so Megs and I decided on a late movie. We almost had the whole place to ourselves.  Is it awful if I said I kinda liked The Vow?  I think it's because I mostly watch really depressing movies and don't get into the sap of romance.  This was a movie of hope and love overcoming terrible obstacles like memory loss, for a change!  I also have never understood while people love Channing Tatum, but I was converted a little bit after the buff bod scenes.
We filled our bellies with a vegetable soup for dinner - easily digestible, yet filling, so our stomachs would expand and we could eat a ton on Saturday.

Okay - time to e…

A Little Bit Guilty

Just a little bit.

Foursquare + Twitter + Instrgram + food = I can't help it.

It's Raining on My Face

If you know me, you'll know that I am not an overly emotional person.  Meaning, I don't really cry or get upset over much.


I finally saw A Better Life.  I'm sure glad I watched it at home, cause I pretty much cried through the whole thing.  Tug at my heart strings.  I still wonder what happened to the teenage boy I tutored in DC.  He left school to work and support his family.  I still think about the nice man I saw get arrested one morning at Food City in Phoenix.  What happened to his family?

Ah, what to do....

The few other movies that have made me cry:

1) Garden State - not because of the movie, but an emotional breakdown due to surrounding circumstances that had been building for days.  One can only be even-keeled in a crisis for so long.  
2) The Kite Runner - I had read the book, knew everything that was going to happen, sobbed like a baby through the whole movie.  Thankfully watched it alone in my grandma's basement.

3) The Road - Once again, had read…

Musical Monday - Part II

I attended a musical performance last night at the LA Stake Center (which is probably cooler than your Stake Center), and this closing number was excellent. The arrangement took Charles Wesley's verse to the tune of one of my favorite hymns.  Here's some church choir singing it a couple years ago.

I need to play the organ again.  I want to be good at it!

It was a great way to start off the week, as I prepare to watch  General Conference this weekend.

Musical Monday

With the magic of technology, I know that KCRW listening is just an Internet connection away, but there's something about tuning in on the old car radio while driving through a rainy Los Angeles night.

A few tracks that kept me company last night:
California - Delta Spirit
Apartment - Young the Giant
Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On

New Sigur Ros album in May!

And go listen to this (they've kind of grown on me over the years):

Scenes from Sick Days

Advantages to being sick:
Reducing the Netflix queue
Library books
Lots of March Madness!
Resting my poor body from boot camp

Thirteen of the Sweet Sixteen Seven of the Elite Eight. (Close one, Kansas) Number one in my pool.   I love this month. But Hoyas, why you always gotta choke?
Yes, I'm still watching Bon Iver's SNL performance.
Going on day 3 though, this is getting old.  Please say adios, fever/headache/sore throat.  I've got things to do.