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Musical Monday

Greg Laswell makes my heart hurt so good.

I love the texture in his voice and the depressing piano and the melancholy words.  Elizabeth from Elizabeth and the Catapults sings on this one. 

In other musical news, this weekend I finally met Gary Lightbody.  Photo to follow.

Dream. Come. True.

Utah Part II - Easterly Things

Doesn't Corey have a sweet 'stache?  He lives down the road from my brother; he came over to hang out.  He made an appearance at our Christmas vacation, too.
Max jumped really high.  He's super dog.
I don't even know.
We decided to go bowling.  A good, wholesome, Saturday night activity, since the wedding reception wrapped early and there wasn't even any dancing after!  I was meant to get my dance on at disco bowling instead, I guess.
Corey took a bowling class in college.  I picked him for my team.
Taylor and Courtney couldn't beat us!
I broke 100! 
Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.  After church, we went north to have Easter dinner with Courtney's family.  I crash all their holidays.

Courtney's mom kinda goes all out for holidays.  After our delicious meal of BBQ sandwiches, she told us that all the kids (all of us 'kids' are older than 23) had an Easter basket hidden around the house, which we had to find before we could go on a hunt f…

Utah Part I - Slick Gets Married

Over Easter weekend I went to Utah, mostly to celebrate Christian's wedding, but also to hang out with my brother, sister in law, and friends.  By the time you read this, I will be back in Utah.

I had a couple hours to kill once I landed, as I was waiting on Dr friend Adam to get off work so we could have dinner.  I had a couple things to return from J Crew (there are two down the street from me in LA, why I couldn't find the time to do it there, I don't know) so I hopped in a car and went to the Gateway.  But once I got there, I realized it was a ghost town.  Hmmm...what happened to all the stores?  Sure, there are some still there, but not any that I wanted to go to.  A quick Google search revealed that the new mall downtown was open and most shops had migrated.  I did not yet realize what a big deal this new mall is.  I ended up going there about eight times over the course of five days. It was all anyone could talk about.
While returning my items, I got a call from d…

(Sort of) Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday evening I had to take a little stroll and remind myself where I live.

There's a dolphin down there.

Musical Monday

I am digging me some Aussie bands lately.

Last night's dance/unpacking party in my room soundtrack sponsored by Parachute Youth.

And maybe I also gave in and bought that silly Call Me Maybe song.  Don't judge.  

Wordless Wednesday