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European Extravaganza - Part V c - Paris

Our day of decadence came to an end since Versailles closes up around 6pm.  Since Becca and I had split up in the afternoon, our meeting point was, once again, McDonalds.  At least they have macarons in their fancy cafe section.  And free wifi!

We jumped the train back to Mark's apartment, grabbed him and headed out to dinner.  His apartment swap friends left a pretty detailed guide on the neighborhood with some of their favorite restaurants and things to do.  I looked up some menus of their picks, saw the words 'duck burger' and soon we were out the door in search for Le P'tit Bouquet.

Destination found.  Despite living in Paris last summer, Mark doesn't speak French.  Becca doesn't speak French.  I speak Spanish, so I was the designated table getter and orderer.  I'm terrible at French pronunciation.  The guy kinda acted like he didn't speak English, so we fumbled through it.  Oh, well.  Food got to the table.

The beautiful duck burger.  We had anoth…