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Freezing in February - Arizona Time

In the middle of February I was freezing, and my mom was popping over to AZ for a few days, so I decided to join her. Note to self - just book a trip there every other weekend next winter.

The inversion was terrible around then, and I hadn't seen blue skies for days. It was so crazy taking off and getting up above that nastiness. Tiny mountain peaks all around!

Today is probably the worst inversion I've seen since moving to SLC, but look what I found above the clouds! Blue skies and tiny mountains!! #inversion #saltlakevalley #badair #upintheair A video posted by Lauren W (@laurenhoya) on Feb 11, 2016 at 2:43pm PST
Oh, beautiful Arizona winter.

Grandma has adopted a friendly neighborhood cat.

We survived a harrowing drive by my grandma through the streets of Phoenix during rush hour and a setting set that was quite blinding. We didn't let him drive on the way home.

We were headed to great aunt Betty's 85th birthday.

She looks great for 85! She's in the purple.

A li…