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March Madness Recap

Summer's just been too fun and I haven't been blogging and my photos are all messed up and out of order and on different applications since some Google changes and I don't know how to get them straightened out so I can blog the way I'm used to, but whatever. Let's get to some recaps.

Back to March. The month of March Madness where I won my office bracket challenge out of nearly 200 people. But there was other stuff too.

I've driven by Coachmans a ton of times and was always intrigued and late one evening I went there for dinner and meh.

Fiiz the soda bar opened by my office and I'm there way to frequently. Dr Pepper with coconut and blackberry syrups is ah-mah-zing.

I got tickets to Carly Rae! Her album last year is seriously one of the best pop records ever, and I was excited to see her. I danced and sang the whole time and it was glorious. Don't knock it til you've tried it.

Trip to Provo means trip to Don Joaquin.

And a trip to Provo for a hai…