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NYC and Ragnar Cape Cod!

So back in April or so, friends Josh and Carly and Holly and Brandon were on a Ragnar team for Cape Cod that kept losing members. They'd had nearly 2x turn over since Josh started the team and were getting desperate. Holly reached out to me to see if I'd wanna go, and I said, sure, why not?! I'll almost always take an excuse to visit NYC and I'd never been to Cape Cod and I don't totally mind running so....yeah. I booked a flight, figured out stuff with work, and one Sunday I was hopping a plane to JFK.

LIRR from JFK is the only way, my friends.
The Upper West Side greeted me with a hustle, even at my late night weekday arrival. I was grateful for the juxtaposition from SLC, where everything is closed up at 8pm. Holly and Brandon welcomed me with open arms, and then I was off to work on Monday morning. 

Oculus was right next door! I had to go check it out, inside and out.

It wasn't completely open, so I had to guess my way around some construction doors and wal…