Thursday, August 30, 2018

Flashback: Our Engagement Photos

Best part of getting married is all the fun photos you get to take, right?

It had been a long time since I'd had professional photos taken, so this was really fun for me. Anthony took a little more convincing, but he sorta came around in the end. And getting your hair and makeup done by a pro also helps!

Our photographer is nothing short of amazing - we loved Alyssia. I found her through Instagram and was really drawn to her clean, natural look and lots of light. It's been trendy to do dark and moody tones or really golden features, and I just prefer a more classic look.

Anthony and I scouted locations for awhile - one of his requirements was graffiti or something edgier. We also loved the inside of Publik Kitchen, but they're closed in the afternoons, so we popped over to Dolcetti Gelato in the neighborhood to kick things off one afternoon in May.

We hit the top of this parking garage, and a security guard told us we were on private property and couldn't be up there. But we begged for 15 minutes, and I'm so glad we got to grab some shots up here.

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Katrina V. said...

Gorgeous! Love these.

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