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August 11, 2017 - the big day

Thinking back, it really turned out to be exactly how I had hoped and imagined. We had a really good time. The setting was stunning, we had our favorite people around us, the food was incredible, the music rocked, and I really loved the day. Anthony was skeptical about a large wedding, and the numbers seemed to grow and grow, but it was important to me to have people from all parts of my life there. We wanted custom music and the best food, and both worked out awesomely. Thanks, parents, for making this all happen.

Initially we planned to have the ceremony at a temple, then the reception at the farm. Due to some church administrative stuff, that wasn't able to happen. Anthony had a 'starter marriage' at BYU a few years ago, and divorce isn't always easy to overcome. We got that news a few months prior and it threw me into quite a tailspin. I'd waited a long time to be married in a temple (and this article explains a lot of those challenges being an older single person in a faith that focuses on families) and I was pretty devastated that despite all my "correct" actions, other people got to decide that I couldn't be married in a temple. And then came the realization that I'd have to figure out how to actually be married - what does that ceremony look like, who would marry us, how do we make that personal, etc. I was overwhelmed and felt like it was all pretty tainted for awhile. Eventually with the help of very supportive friends and family, we pulled together a magnificent wedding and the best party (all while working and doing grad school, too). So here's the evidence!

We started the day with a breakfast for guests from out of town. I've traveled all over the country (even to other countries) to go to weddings, and I'm always appreciative when there is time carved out to actually visit with the bride and groom. Waffle Love catered, the best.

 So so happy to have so many friends come from all over, especially Georgetown friends.
And right there, talking with her hands, my best friend since 7th grade, who left her 6 kids behind in the middle of a move from Nebraska to Texas right when school is starting. So happy she could make that happen.

Cousins and sisters in law. 

Phoenix friends!

 Get ready for lots of photos.

 My dad's parents. So happy to have them, even if they're not smiling.

Our nieces. 

 Anthony's family.

My siblings. 


 She did so well at her flower girl duties. Cutest.

Love my bishop. Wouldn't have had anyone else marry us. 

Loved our photo booth trailer! Highly recommend for your next party. 

Thrilled to see this whole Georgetown crew. 

Three cakes and gelato. Mmmm.

 Anthony hates dancing, but I made him do it a little.

His one requirement for the whole wedding was that a Nine Inch Nails song be played at the reception. And it was. The one song that was halfway appropriate to dance to.

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