Thursday, December 28, 2006

Coming Back

Blog will be back in full force in 2007....

New camera, trip to the Caribbean, lots of photos, new music, etc, etc.

I hearby set forth my resolution to write more often, if for no other reason than I hate seeing my visitor count so low lately...

Song of the moment - track 3, Dig, on the new Incubus album. Bliss.

We all have something that digs at us,
at least we dig each other.

So when weakness turns my ego up
I know you'll count on the me from yesterday.
If I turn into another
dig me up from under what is covering
the better part of me.

Feliz Ano Nuevo a todos! See ya'll on the flipside.........

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Remember Me?

Boy, life's a whirlwind.

Had Thanksgiving with the little brother in DC. He got tired of all the walking. Had to watch boss' dog while he was away on his honeymoon. Worked like mad - went in early, stayed late, and worked on a Saturday for about three weeks. Work's still a tad crazy, but it's much, much better and I still love it!

Got a new iPod today since I sorta dropped mine last night. I almost cried, especically since it was kinda a crappy day. However, Best Buy came to the rescue, even though my 2-year product replacement warranty had expired 3 days ago. I got a new one, color, more storage, and I'm thrilled. Whew. I even got the price difference back in store credit! Feels like I'm cheating them or something.

Georgetown basketball well underway. This season ticket thing is turning out to be a good investment.

Went to random New Jersey to see this hilarious guy last weekend. Good times with the Langley ward crew and some turned around NJ driving. I licked a car. We did a chinese firedrill. I've now been to Princeton. Ricochet!

Now really enjoying How I Met Your Mother. Thanks PE.

Going to Damien Rice soon. Can't wait!

Office holiday party is next week. I'm a bowling team captain. We're going down....
And I'm finally taking a day off next Friday. What to do?! Christmas shopping for the family is half done. I think I need a part time job after the holidays to finance my life.

Hmm...what else? Two weeks to AZ. Three weeks to Caribbean. Saw a TV show on St. Maarten, Kitts, and Nevis today. I'm sooooo ready for a break!

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