Monday, August 28, 2006

The Punisher

I can already feel that I will not be able to get out of bed in the morning. No, not due to yesterday's bad egg incident, rather the 90 minutes I spent in the gym today, torturing myself. Man, that feels good! I am already starting to regret it though - muscles are tensing up. Any way to reverse the damage? Ab conditioning class didn't seem to do much at the time, but I know I'll be sorry in the am. Dread....

Just booked a ticket for my little bro (the littlest one, not the big little one) to come visit me at Thanksgiving! And it didn't cost an arm and a leg, plus it's into National. I've had major luck lately. I did already warn him that I won't be making a turkey - he'll have to deal. Yay for family on holidays, without me traveling to them!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Times, They Are A'Changin

It's been a relatively homebody weekend, and it's finally catching up to me on this Sunday evening. Haven't been outta the house except for church since yesterday afternoon, and the stir-craze is in effect. Aggggh!

I made cookies today and later found out that the eggs I used are more than a month old. Of course I ate a TON of dough. After reading up about salmonella, looks like I won't be puking (whew), just abdominal cramps and some other nasty stuff. Fingers crossed it doesn't get that bad.

So Caro is gone. The divorce has happened. We even completed paperwork at Comcast yesterday to make it official. Sniff!! Niki and I are definitely still in denial, pretending that she's only gone for the weekend. When I think about it, my roommate relationships are the longest ones I've got going. Boyfriends last about 6 months, but when you've been with roommates for 2-3 years, it's a lot harder to break up. We missed her at church today, especially the exact time she usually busts out the mints or makes a comment about someone's outfit. The three of us know each other so well; it'll be hard for anyone else to compare. New people in the mix will be good, if they happen to come in, but there is always a special place for Ms. CB. No one quite like her in the world. Hope the Big Apple is good to her! That said, we are excited for X to be with us, in the middle room.

Fun times helping Caro move to NYC last weekend. Well, fun for me, not so much for her, as she did all the hard work. Somehow I managed to stay up super late both nights - a little bit of the Spain party time coming back out. We grabbed dinner Friday at 2am at my favorite little Cafeteria, after a 45 minute wait in line. I love the NYC energy and variety of freaks, I mean people, that we saw out and about. I shopped til I dropped, though I didn't buy much, and hung out at JR's new place on Wall St. Visiting the roof deck on the 40-something floor at night made me want to move there immediately. Love, love, love it. I did decide that it won't be good for my personality to move there. I can see myself turning into this girl who dresses up in all black, just to hit the grocery store, and not being able to leave the house unless my outfit is absolutely perfect, especially if I'm headed to 5th Ave. Not good - I'm trying to become a little nicer, warmer, and moving to NYC is a huge step backwards. Not to mention having to get a second job, no money for travel, and watching the 401k contributions dwindling to nearly nothing. Not willing to be poor again.

The social scene is still madness. I'm rushing around like a mad woman, though I'm kinda ready for a break. More happy hours and goodbye parties in the week ahead.

Made my Christmas plans today - going to Phoenix. Yay for warm weather in the winter! Now if we could get that Caribbean trip in January figured out, I'm back on the travel circuit. Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Madness, I tell you!

I really need to update this thing. Too bad I have a social life. Perhaps later this weekend........

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I <3 NYC

Someone find me a 6-fig salary and I'm there in an instant!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

They Are Night Zombies!

Listening to some Sufjan currently....yeah...

Continuing from previous post...
Sunday church was really good. It was hard to wake up early and go to a meeting beforehand, but definitely a good Sunday. PE barbecued for me later that evening - delish. Perfect weather, great music and good food.

The rest of the week has included a rush-hour scramble to Chantilly, goodbyes to AF, EG, BD, prep for adios to BE, mockumentary times 2, bread bowl from Panera (finally!), new cardio class at the gym, Enrichment activity (and people actually came!), training sessions at work, and I'm exhausted.

Other fun fact of the week, I get to do alumni interviews for high school kids that want to be Hoyas. Hmm.... make or break 'em.... we shall see! Should start later this fall. I'm really excited. Not that the interviews have that huge an impact in the admissions decision, but I still like being part of the process. Hoya Blue, baby!

Time to pack for NYC. Or crash now and do it in the morning. That's the procrastinator's way, and that's what I am.

If I Had a Boat

I'm really behind on the chronicles of my life, and not that I write for you, dear readers (all 2 of you), I just really want to remember what I do/who I see/things I learn in this really fun time in life. This is an easy way for me to archive my activities, though I'll keep the really juicy, scandalous stuff to myself :)

So what have I been doing? Drowning in goodbye parties. Yes, it's that time of year again, when half the city moves away, and a whole new crop of people arrives. Even though I've been stagnant for many years (only in city location, not in personality, work, life, etc), it really does affect me more than I think. I have new friends to make, more friends to stay in touch with via the Internet (thank you, MySpace), and more thoughts about when I'm going to join the August rush. Change is good though; keeps things interesting. You definitely don't know what's ahead - that is one thing I've learned and one thing that is key to remember. For now though, I'll keep my feet planted in the middle and watch everyone around me spin in the life cycle.

Last Friday I said adios to MP, the best home teacher on earth. Well, the most diligent and serious for sure. I'm positive he'll continue to send us monthly email messages. Then I went to the movies with a couple friends + an Olympic champion. Pretty neat-o. And Little Miss Sunshine is amazing. Your mouth will be gaping open in laughter throughout.

Saturday was errand day - back to Banana for me to return/exchange my huge online order. I failed miserably at that personal challenge. I'm still failing, as I've been there twice in the last week, and I'm going again tomorrow. Not to buy though, just exchange and tailor.

Saturday night was our Goodbye Caro Ghetto Fabulous party. We did pretty close to zero prep (though miraculously we cleaned) - the way a ghetto party should be done. Beach chairs in the living room, Top Pop soda, tator tots, cheese hot dogs with ketchup, wings from Lucky Bar, marshmallows for dessert - high quality for sure. I was dressed sorta ghetto for me. Maybe ghetto isn't the right word, but it's definitely not in line with my classic BR self; brought on a new persona.
PS. This new Shinylicious lip gloss in Chocolate Cherry is fab. Who wants a taste?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Also Ran

SO obsessed with this new French Kicks song from the latest album. Great build up, by the time you get to the chorus you're just going nuts! Love their sound. You can check out their older stuff here.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Nat's games are much better when seated 8 rows behind the home team dugout, on the end nearest home plate. Thanks for the hookup, ACS. We lost, but saw some good action, and some tight pants up close :)

Also ran into 3 people from my various social networks. This city gets smaller every day. Love it!

Ready for the weekend. One more day....

Monday, August 07, 2006

What was I Thinking?

So yeah....weekend with married friends..... not the funnest! I'm going to attempt to be very careful in the way I write about this, because these people are good friends of mine and I love them dearly, and I'm leaving a clause open that I may in fact be the same way some day. Not my finest idea though, to go on this road trip. I expected a tad of what happened, only it was much more. Somehow I managed to deal, but I felt like an invisible mute the whole time. I have absolutely nothing to offer in conversations about which spouse used whose bank account to buy XX on eBay, or pregnancy schedules, or what my spouse does when he sleeps at night, etc, etc, etc and on and on and on. I can easily handle one couple at a time - that doesn't bother me too much. But two at once - never, ever again, while I'm still single.

Thank goodness for the two cats and late night TV that kept me company as I slept on the couch. The drive down was far longer than expected too. I'm glad I went, to finally see where CH lives, life in Charlotte, etc. And once is enough as long as I'm the 5th wheel.

We did manage to see Talledega Nights, which is absolutely hysterical. Quality all the way through - I was impressed. May catch that again tomorrow.

I finally, finally joined the YMCA today. Yay! I could feel my muscles tensing up while walking there after work, and I'm feeling it now. Haven't touched a treadmill in 2 months - I'm gonna hurt tomorrow. But the good pain.....yeah..... The place is 7 floors; I'm gonna have to settle in and find my favorite spots.

Exhausted. Sleep. Now.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Blue Horizon

Week three of the new job has flown by. It's been a tad slow at times, as I'm still learning and don't have a lot to do yet, but at least a leisurely breakfast fits nicely into my schedule once I'm at work. The cafeteria is seriously yum. The other day I had bacon, eggs, and hash browns - all for 2 bucks! Sweet deal.

I've eaten out every single meal this week though, with the exception of Monday's dinner. Whoa. Tuesday a handful of friends met up at Lucky Bar for wing night, Caroline's fav, and one last time since she's moving to NY in a couple weeks. I know she's leaving, but it really hasn't hit me yet. We're not really huggy/sensitive housemates, but I think all three of us will probably cry a bit that day. We'll see. We did just buy complementary shirts for our party from Urban though, which I'm really excited about. France, Germany, and Spain - all represented. A perfect parting gesture.

B and I went to see The Break Up last night at the Cinema and Drafthouse. Not a bad movie overall, if you're in the mood for brain candy. Small twist at the end, but I liked it. I always forget about that venue, but it's pretty fun.

As sad as it is to admit, I got sucked into The Hills at the end of the season - I'm so pissed DVR cut off the end of the finale!! I even got up early to watch it this morning before work - Paris or the Boy? Everything was set up, critical moment, and bam! Do you want to delete this recording? NO!! I want you to keep playing, idiot. Not like it won't be re-run a million times though. But still! I really couldn't stand Heidi during the show and her little club promoter aspirations, but the episode where she breaks up with her bf won me over. He pretty much begged, she stood up for herself and said you treat me badly, I'm not happy, and that was that. Good for her. I'm sure I'll start hating her again next season, but for this brief moment she's not so bad.

Off to Charlotte this weekend with EEG (but she's still EEW to me) to visit CC (now CH). Me and two married couples. I have no reason to be weirded out by it, yet I am slightly. I'm sure it'll be fine, as these girls are two of my best friends, but still. It's kinda the start of the drifted path between married vs single people, and I'm feeling it a bit. And of course I feel a ton of pressure now to marry someone who fits in with them. :) K, not really, but the three of us already made a pact to vacation together, so whoever I end up with is just gonna have to deal. Hope he likes golf!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Break Down

I gave in and bought a piece of clothing today. Ooops. At least it wasn't $200+ in clothing, as I've been known to do on random Saturdays. And I kept the receipt in case I feel too guilty and want to take it back.

But trouble ahead. I got an email today from BR with their fall collection, and I love almost every single piece. No joke. I love fall clothes. Much more than summer and spring. The rich colors, cute jackets and sweaters for those chilly nights. Love it. And since I'm going to NYC in mid-August....yeah, I'm thinking every BR in Manhattan needs to watch out.

And My Template Disappeared.....

Whew - and we're back in business. Thank goodness for cached files.
Looks like I'll be playing the links game later today. Ugh.

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