Friday, October 23, 2020

Archives - December 2019

Before we get to December 2020, let's revisit last year, when people could congregate and hug and celebrate the holidays like normal. 

Snow is coming again. At least it's pretty here, so I'll try and keep that in mind. Snow capped mountains are quite the sight. 

Meghan held her annual ornament making night. I forgot the theme. 

Maybe it was just a felt ball theme. 

Sure grateful for these little furry creatures. 

First time I tried one of the Kringle's. Trader Joe's gets them at a deal, cause I looked it up online later and I recall it being quite pricey. The almond is my perfect flavor, but also I couldn't finish it all. 

Time for the annual youth group trip down to the temple lights and the walk on Main St windows. It was really cold. I was over it quick. 

Duh, Spotify. I love Foals. 

The kitties did not tear down the Christmas tree as I feared. Mostly just burrowed under the tree skirt. 

Tis the season for Georgetown applicant interviews and going out for lots of hot chocolate. 

Give me all the kitties. 

Debated these chairs at Ikea for a long time. Never did buy them. 

Chile Tepin is really solid. Order all the things. After this meal we drove to an empty movie theater in West Valley for Knives Out, which delighted me more than expected. 

We tried. 

Of course little Q outlasted H on this hike. 

I love her. 

I love her especially when she has a stink face. 

Uncle Anthony is a good sport. 

Finally decided to upgrade my life and only buy Rao's sauce from now on. It's pricier but makes a huge difference. Suck it, Prego and Barilla and Ragu. When Sprouts has a deal, you go buy a lot. 

Stockings were hung. 

We bought an artificial tree and I'm quite pleased. Real trees smell so great but they're not great with cats. 

I guess I went out to Cubby's sometime. Another solid choice. Healthy salad and splurge on the fries. 

No, cat! Anywhere but the counter. Also, don't you love the sink tile choices (made by a previous owner)?

TabCats Christmast concert! I was unable to score tickets, but luckily Jacinda's lottery ticket worked. She made lasagna for dinner and then we walked across the street for the show. It's always so good. 

And then we spent a good bit of time digging through the original Face Book, handed out to every Georgetown freshman. Those were the days. 

Christmas Cards starting to trickle in. 

I finally placed an order from Juniper Print Shop for some artwork, and I pretty much love every piece they have. It'd only take another 7 months to actually hang them up. 

Leaving work. 

Favorite things party at Heather's! I came away with a few goodies, but the one I love the most is the Turbie Twist. 

This stuff is excellent. 

My little loves. 

I love a Goodreads challenge. 

Pastry day at work for a little holiday celebration. 

Street Tacos night. 

La Barba coffee - another Georgetown interview.

We had a church party with our teenage girls and I do think these emoji games are fun. 

Healthy snack.

Izzy came to visit from Texas! She's Anthony's sister who lives with her dad. She got to come and stay with us for a week, which was great. And she loves our kitties. 

Miriam is not very good at wrapping presents. 

Nor is Leo. But he's dang cute. 

From the niece to her elf on the shelf - Poppy. 

Christmas morning!

I scored with a sold out NiN shirt. 

Then we went to Taylor's for breakfast and more presents. 

We played Lite Brite!

Then to hang out with the Roberts gang. The next day we all went to Star Wars. 

Best stripes.

Breakfast at Roots.


Soup night with the Wallentine family - Anthony and Izzy's gang.

Sibling time out at their mom's grave. And soon enough, Izzy's week was over and she went home. We're so happy she could come out. 

New Year's Eve - some Jinya ramen then partying at Little Women in the theater. And no, Anthony did not protest. He liked it. 

Welcome 2020! It's going to be a great year! Except we all know how that turned out....

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