Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Archives - May 2021

May - the flowers are coming and it's warming up. I planted these babies in the fall of 2020 and look - miracle!

But the pros at Thanksgiving Point plated these, and Lacey and I went to see them. 

With my new matchy purple shoes. 

 Puzzles and cats don't mix. 

But we love them anyway. 

Family hang time. Little H is turning into a teenager. 

Q did some braids on me. Not bad!

This cat springboards from the floor to the toilet to the shelf (which has open bars, it's not solid) into the window in one fluid motion. He's amazing to watch. 

Started our garden - lots of learning. These little ones didn't do so great for awhile until we got a trellis, but we should've gotten a different one. Next year they'll grow even more. 

Anthony got a custom cave suit from Bulgaria. I didn't know such a thing existed. 

I got some new clothes too. Time to head back into the office post-Covid work from home. No clue what to wear after a year of sweats. I paid for Nordstrom to pick out work clothes and send them to me. They did a pretty darn good job. Never would've picked this jumpsuit myself, but it's comfortable and classy. 

Anthony, making use of all that caving gear that he's purchased. 

New rug purchased around this time. Somehow I completely mis-measured the room and got a size too big. Thanks to Instagram, I learned that I could take it to a carpet shop, and they could cut it down and bind the edges for me. It's pretty cheap to do, though I had them re-attach some fringe, but I'm really glad to find a solution. 

Sometimes when I eat goat cheese and tomato balsamic toast, I eat it for days on end. 

Friend Dana had a birthday, and Adam got her these fancy crepe cakes from a cute Japanese dessert place in town. They were excellent. 

Little Q graduated from pre-school, but her parents were too sick to take her. I got the lucky honor to watch her ceremony and the cute songs her class sang. 

I took my little ladies from church on a hike - I'm always trying to get them outside and exploring.

One of my favorite dishes to make - crispy chicken thighs and smashed fresh peas with lots of herbs. Trade Joe's always has fresh peas, and I don't ever see them anywhere else. 

Miriam in a bag. 

We had a gift card to burn at Pago, so we had a nice patio dinner. Those nights are the best. 

Little bro Tanner was in town for a quick trip. He had work in Idaho setting up new flights into an airport there, and he flew in and out of SLC. It'd been awhile since I'd seen him in person!

Anthony flew to Texas for about a week to see his little sis graduate from high school. 

Sun babies kept me company. 

Spent time with Julie and Jesse - I am so bad at drawing. I wish I could tell you what this is. 

Sunset over the lake. 

Anthony was still gone on Memorial Day, so I popped up to Bear Lake with Meghan and to hang at the Hubrich's place. My first time in Bear Lake! And first time getting a famous raspberry shake.

Let's end May with a Leo pose. 

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