Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Trip to LA as an LA Resident

 At the end of March I headed back to LA one more time to wrap up the final details of my life. A few more things to throw out, sell off, clean up. It was strange being in limbo for those couple months, feeling like I lived nowhere and having things in storage and in LA and in my brothers house and in my car. The LA chapter was finally coming to a close.

I'm sad I didn't spend any time here, living so close. Now that I live in Utah with temples all around, I still will never live as close to one as I did in LA!

Sold my dresser to a guy who wanted to put it in his small car. Um...yeah, that doesn't work. I tried to help him take part of it apart, but didn't really have any tools around. I had to borrow from my neighbor and it still didn't work. Eventually I left him on the curb to figure it out.

One last Disneyland trip with Margot and Mike.
 Big Thunder was finally reopen - my favorite ride! And we timed it with the fireworks.

I went to Mendocino Farms for lunch one day, but I don't remember who ate with me. Cher, maybe?

I had wanted to see the Endeavour since it landed in LA. I had gone to see it when it made the flyover around the state before coming to a permanent home. The thing is huge. Quite a thing to see.

Trevor and I had dinner with Jihan and Aaron that night at Chego. We sat outside, and I thought a large cargo truck was driving by at one point. Nope, turns out it was a pretty good little earthquake.

I helped Trevor clean out his apartment.

Cameron threw his Love Songs After Dark party, a night of slow dancing and magic. Indeed it was magic for two friends of mine, since they met there and were engaged weeks later.

I managed to give away the rest of my random things and make a final Goodwill stop, then it was hasta luego, Los Angeles.

Early Monday morning, dear friend Katrina was in town visiting her mom, who lives around the corner from me. I got to have breakfast with her and meet baby Clara. Nice way to get back into SLC.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Move-in March

I returned from LA and got right back into more furniture shopping. 

And hanging with the chubster.

I remember walking around this furniture store and backing into two tall vases and knocking them promptly over. Break! A sales guy told me not to worry about it, but I slinked outta the store feeling badly.

Still not used to fry sauce. Where's the plain ketchup?!

 Courtney and I tried a night run with Max. I don't know if we got very far.

A baby girl and her dad.

Courtney and I went to girls night at a cupcake shop. Half price! Delicious, though it made me miss Georgetown Cupcake. Somewhere around this night I also went to see Like Father, Like Son, which I really enjoyed. I'm glad SLC has the Salt Lake Film Society.

Baby girl at church. Those cheeks still kill me.

Last weekend hike before I moved out!

My lease started on a Monday (not exactly convenient), so I moved a few things in slowly after work each night, then one Friday night Taylor and I cleaned out the storage unit and took it up and got it done. It was a bit cold and rainy, and moving stuff up to the 2nd floor wasn't awesome, but we got it done in one swift deal. It was a relief to have it over.

The necessary Target run for all those fun extras.

I picked out my couch, but then it was time to pick colors. So many options!

New bed came in, and Adam helped me put it together. My new mattress arrived, and I was ready to go.

Though continued chaos in the living room.

View from my new balcony.

First Sunday in SLC - ready for visiting a midsingles ward. thanks.

 Cher was visiting and took me to Costco, so I could decide whether or not to get a membership. Totally worth it to buy a television, so I became official and she helped me haul all my goods home. I feel like a grownup now.

Took a bit to get that TV set up, but I was quite content with March Madness in my new bowls in my new place all to myself.

One night I went to Mod a-go-go with some coworkers for an event they had going on. Lots of great spaces in SLC if you just search them out. Cool furniture and some art and tattoo work going on.

 Getting acquainted with Liberty Park. I love that it's just a few blocks from my house.

And finally, cousin/brother sushi! It's a bit of a tradition, but doesn't happen enough.

Monday, October 27, 2014

LA in Early March

Forty eight hours in LA - landed Friday night and ran to Party City to grab some things for Haleigh's bridal shower the next morning. I think she had a good time....

Dumb bridal shower games? Check.

Bridal shower appropriate food? Check.

Good group of ladies? Check.

Asking the groom questions in advance and having the bride guess what he said? Check. This was definitely the funnest part. She did pretty well!

The bride and hostesses. It all came together somehow.

I spent the rest of the weekend selling off more of my things. Adios, old couch. It went to a nice family with small kids.

Brigham was in town and we had Chinese with Colin in San Gabriel, then dessert at Twohey's where Trevor met us. I remember that night being a bit of a mess.

I played the organ one last time in Westwood 1st Ward. Sad day.

Then time to drive to the airport and head back to Utah. LA is so pretty after rain.

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