Thursday, September 29, 2005

Where the Heck am I From?

I usually browse my hometown newspaper to catch up on all the Poteau happenings. My favorite section is actually the Courthouse News - I can find out who got pulled over, who got married/divorced, and who has a restraining order against them. Fasncinating, really.

But today - some WACK news. Why, oh why, does it have to be from my county in OK?! Not my town specifically, but close enough. Here are the latest news stories (emphasis added to the most ridiculous parts):

Octavia to host Bigfoot festival
By Ty Pierce, News Reporter

"I believe one day soon we will discover that Bigfoot is real, and then we will find something new to ridicule. That is the way we as humans work. Remember the earth was once flat, the moon was out of reach, even dinosaurs were discredited until we found bones! We search to know it all. Yet sometimes, apparent truths aren't enough," Christopher S. Fleming, Publisher/Editor of the Unknown. For those who believe or are just interested the First Annual Bigfoot Fall Festival in Honobia is just a day away and will last over the weekend.

Honobia is the hot spot for Bigfoot sightings and signs in LeFlore County.

What is a Bigfoot? It is classified as an ape-like creature reportedly sighted hundreds of times around the world since the mid-nineteenth century and variously described as standing 7-10 feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds. Many residents of Honobia believe in this mysterious creature.

Honobia is located on highway 144 in the Kiamichi Mountains. These mountains are filled with legends as well as natural wonders. The two day festival features, Bigfoot Prints, Bigfoot Tours, Bigfoot Stories and Bigfoot Shirts. You can even take you picture with Bigfoot! Also available at the festival is arts, crafts, games, food, antiques, music and entertainment.For more information email

Oh, and that's not all folks.

Service for Christian hunters
On Sat. Oct. 8 at 7:30 p.m. there will be a Hunter's Worship service held a Wister Pride Park in Wister. This will be an outdoor service for all Christian hunters men, women and youth. Join us as we worship God together and pray for a safe hunting season, clean shots and big deer.
There will be a free Chili Dinner after the service. All are welcome to this non-denominational worship service.

Gotta love it. Pure entertainment.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Whoa Part II

After sleeping on last night's news, I'm really fine with it. Things are changing, and I know that. It's just going to be hard to go home and not hang out with J like we always used to. Even after years of not being together (meaning in the same physical location - not together together), I can still go over to his house, plop down on the couch, and feel right at home. His sister is my age, he's two years older, so everyone from our high school that's even remotely close in age has hung out at J's house. That's what happens during Christmas vacation - everyone goes to the Coopers. Everyone.

That'll probably be different now. He'll have a wife. Our other friends have kids. Life's moving on. It's moving on for me, just in a different way. I could be living in a house in OK with a couple kids by now. Thank goodness I'm not.....

Monday, September 26, 2005


My backup is getting married.

That's weird. I'm in shock. My heart just sunk a little bit. You hear all the time that people fall for their best friends/exes when it's too late. That's not the case with me, but it's still a very strange feeling. He's the guy that I've known for 10 years. He probably knows me better than anyone in the world. He's the relationship that I base everything on - where I learned a lot about myself and how I exist in relationships. That was a really long time ago, and we've both changed a lot since then, but still. It's bizarre.

We just talked on the phone, catching up like we do every few weeks. We talked about Christmas this year, and since I'm actually going home, I mentioned I wanted to have time to drive up to Tulsa and see him and other high school friends. Then he chimes in with, "Well, I have some big news. I bought a ring." They've been together for 4 years, and it's about time. I've never met her though; I wonder if I would like her. Guess we'll find out! I know my and J's relationship will now change. That's happening with nearly everyone I know. Coming down to the singles vs marrieds. So far, so good. But we'll see.

In other happy news, the new computer I ordered yesterday is about to ship - a week ahead of time. Yay. I'm excited. And I get really cheap software through my company, which I also ordered today. I'll be all hooked up at the end of the week.

I just signed up for Netflix too - finally. First up - the first season of Lost. EVERYONE is talking about it. I can't escape. I hate not being in on the action. Time to play catch up.

Work's starting to get stressful. Lots going on, at a rather quick pace. Mostly on the potential bird flu pandemic that could erupt and kill 180 million people worldwide. Scary! October's National Geographic has a great article - check it out. I'm realizing that my stress level is now directly related to how much I run each day. Today - 2.5 miles. The end of the week, probably 10. Heh....

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Today's Horoscope

Not that I really believe in astrology. I don't. But when you're stuck on the metro cause the red line trains are backed up, you tend to read every word of the paper. This strikes me as rather interesting:
It may be time, once again, for a little careful experimenation, but don't merely play with someone's affections. I should experiment and have a little fun, just as long as I don't play games. Just tell it like it is. Awesome.


Lots to catch up on - lots going on. However, last week's rave birthday party took it out of me. I'm tired. I don't want to do anything, not even socialize, which is rather rare. I want to get my life back! So many people called or emailed last week to wish me a happy birthday, and I haven't even returned their messages. Sorry everyone! I'm slowly getting down the list though.

So the 2nd week of Sept, N came to visit from AZ. He's a family friend and came into town for a few days. His mom was here for a conference too, so we had dinner with her one night. Super nice; she took us to a great Spanish restaurant in Old Town that I've wanted to try for a long time. Great food, plus great flamenco! I felt like I was back in Spain; I almost cried. Viva Espana!

That Saturday we took on a rather ambitious venture - 20 hours in NYC. N had never been, and everyone should go at least a few times in their life. We caught the 6:30am Chinatown bus, got there at 11 and had lots of time to play. I think the Big Apple was a tad overwhleming for N, considering that he's from a farm in the middle of nowhere AZ. He easily stepped it up to NY pace and had a good time. The first thing we did was to run to the Avenue Q lottery. I've tried to see this show every time I go to NYC, but paying $100+ isn't really my idea of fun. However, for some shows they do a lottery drawing and if you win, you get tix for $20 on the front row. The stars aligned just right, and we won! It's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, and it's especially relevant to my point in life. If you're just outta college and wondering what to do with your life - go see this show.

I think I realized on this trip how much I love the East. How much I really fit here. I love these cities - DC, Philly, NYC, Boston. I think I'll be around here for awhile longer. Sorry Cali, I can't leave just yet.......

Monday, September 19, 2005

We've Got Game

Quote of the day from my little brother (who just started college):

i was trying to pizimp last night

I'm glad to see he's keeping up the family tradition.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Hello 25!

Goodbye 24.

It's been an interesting year. Highlights include:
  • A psycho roommate (plus 3 great ones)
  • Hosting an international Thanksgiving
  • Home alone at Christmas
  • New Years trip to London and Paris
  • Meeting a fabulous guy in a fairytale way
  • A surprise weekend getaway in Atlantic City (and not in a sleazy casino)
  • Coachella!
  • Starting a new job
  • Meeting the awesome Diesel boyz that keep me on my toes.
  • Brother came home (in one piece) from two years in El Salvador
  • Visiting the whole family in AZ
  • Quitting the Crate
  • Breaking up with previously mentioned fabulous guy
  • Weekend trips to Philly, NYC, and NC
  • Having 20+ friends get married
To be amended as I remember more from 04-05


Yesterday's quote of the day:

"I try to be the nicest dumb@$$ I can be."--B

On my way to work this morning up Georgia Ave I wondered why all funeral homes require astroturf on the stairs. It's quite common when you think about it.

It'd be nice to live on Butternut St. Doesn't that sound lovely? Hemlock St. would be a fun one too.

And what would happen if I went into AfriKutz for a haircut?

I seem to have a knack for meeting African men on public transit. About a year ago I met S from the Central African Republic/France. We took the same bus to work each day, and gradually struck up a conversation. We're actually friends, after he stopped hitting on me. Then on Monday a man asked me for directions in the Metro, and I gladly gave them. He responded that he'd just moved to DC from London and didn't know his way around yet, to which I replied (big mistake) that I love London. Conversation ensued, and he asked if I was married, said he was going to invite me to Africa (no thanks, Sierra Leone), insisted on swapping phone numbers and hanging out since we're neighbors, told me how his mother taught him to respect women, and said he'd be my local boyfriend. Riiiight.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Rush of Blood to the Head

My Coldplay tickets are coming! My Coldplay tickets are coming!
I received that joyous email this morning. Finally. I only ordered them in May. Sixteen days til I'll see Mr. Martin and company. It's been a long long wait since seeing them at Coachella.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Durka Durka

Recap: Fabulous Labor Day weekend in Philly with the girls. It's always nice to have time with the roomies (plus JF). We hit the beach in Atlantic City on Saturday, though just briefly. That place is a hole. Originally they wanted to spend the entire day there to maximize beach time, but once we arrived they were quick to realize that a couple hours is enough.

The first evening in Chinatown (Where does the Shanghai Express get all that junk?!) delightfully unearthed Pocky and fun soda bottles with marbles in them. So very Japanese. JF kindly introduced us. We posed with gigantic board game pieces and made our way down monument row.

Other Philly essentials: Rita's Water Ice, Art Musuem complete with the Rocky steps (I can't believe I've never seen any of those movies. Sorry, Sly), Liberty Bell, the mirror mosaic house and a Labor Day Block Party in the ghettos of Philly. Some of the best food I've eaten in a long time! And let me say, even the 2-year-old had more rhythm than I do......

So It Begins

I've been blogging in my head for a few weeks now. That's the problem when I start to write - I feel like I have to start in the past and catch up. And it nevers works. Ever. So I always tell myself that I'll start with today, only today I have so much good stuff from the past few weeks that I just have to include it. So we'll start from a few weeks ago.

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