Thursday, April 07, 2016

Flashback - January 2016

Happy New Year 2016! Ringing in the new year was pretty low key. Lacey and I popped over to Emily's for a bit, taking some Indian take out with us. We gorged on cookies and sparkling cider, then quickly ran over to my house just before midnight to watch the ball drop on the tv. I went to bed, and they continued on to midnight breakfast. Call me lame - sleep sounded great.

Best nine was popular. I did it.

My usual Instagram recap of the year.

I popped down to the Springville Museum of Art to see their annual religious show. It's always really good.

I finished up my Junior Achievement tutoring in December and got lots of sweet thank you notes from the kids. They're adorable.

We decorated journals for YW one night - I do love being with these silly girls.

Work jokes. Smelly socks from winter boots and Rachel's love (disdain) for GS.

Winter skies. Utah does have really great sunsets. Thanks, pollution!

The Moth & the Flame came to town, so that meant a trip to Provo to see the usual suspects. 

Always love seeing Haleigh. And Caitlin moved to town!

After driving in the snow, I decided I want a new car. And I want a Volvo XC90. Except the new ones are the best one and the most expensive ones. I am saving my pennies. Mostly to get that heated steering wheel. It's time to get back to a European car.

My grandma posted this photo on Facebook of her, one of her sisters, and a couple cousins, maybe? I think it's pretty great. She's the 2nd from the right.

This kid. So cute. Especially wearing the outfit I got her for Christmas.

Do you ever buy those tiny little macarons and wonder why they're $2-$3 each?

Well, I found out why! Celisse's friend managed to get a private macaron baking lesson with the famous Adalberto and we spent a few hours trying to make those little things that require so much precision and perfection.

It's a pretty fascinating process, and I learned a lot, but if there's too much liquid in the wrong place or too much humidity or the cookies, all sorts of things can go wrong.

And you have to pipe the dough just right to keep it flat.

Pairing and filling is fun though! The flavor always goes in the filling, not the cookie. It competes with the almond flour, and any liquid flavoring you add messes up how the cookie bakes.

We did a raspberry chocolate ganache one, and this one, with the most amazing dulce de leche and creme filling. We got to take home the extra filling in some bowls, and I licked it clean.

Such a fun night! But bottom line - just buy the maracons - don't try to make them.

Wing Coop night. Small crowded place - really good wings.

I got all my Sundance tickets! And I got the free locals only handouts for best of fest. It's kinda madness, but it'd turn out to be awesome.

Back to work jokes - Rachel has these inspirational cards that someone gave her, and they're kinda hysterical. Every few days we each draw one from the pile and read aloud. It's calming to our souls. And we laugh a lot.

Tutoring is still going well, and I am eating well too. Date syrup! It's delicious.

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