Monday, September 30, 2013

Musical Monday

Discovered this little track while I was in Austin last weekend.

Mr. Dan Croll

Friday, September 27, 2013

Links I Like

Some stuff I've liked lately.
  • I have always had a thing for JGL and Fallon, but I am loving Stephen Merchant in this. The opening number is great and it just goes up from there. 
  • I love maps and these are rad. I need to get to more SF restaurants. Number 7 is cool.
  • These wrong number text responses make me laugh SO hard. So good.  
  • Nouns that only have plural forms, like scissors
  • So gross, but so cool - whale ear wax! It's like tree rings. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

East Coast Part III - DC Pitstop

I left North Carolina on Wednesday afternoon, headed back to DC for a couple nights before the NYC leg of my trip. I crashed Abe and Kim's house for a night, and these sweet girls made me breakfast in bed. They're now living in Nepal, and I hope I can visit!

I did a drive by of my old place. Miss that house!

Dropped off the rental car and hopped the metro back to VA.

So I could pick up this cute one from school and take her home.

Thursday night I had another restaurant night, where friends could drop in. How to you plan a happy hour timed even with non drinkers and people who are bringing kids? Luckily there was a great wine bar with food and desserts and lots of space for kids. Worked out well!

Yuhi and Shane brought the twins! We plopped them into a chair with an iPad and they were happy as clams.

Georgetown Housing Homecoming King Summer 2000 - Mr Jan dropped by.

Yuhi, Rob and Shane.

Good crepes.

Aleksey and his wife stopped by, hadn't seen him in ages! It was pouring rain and they rode their bikes!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

East Coast Part II - North Carolina

Greem, green Carolina!

I took off Sunday after the Post Hunt and a rental car fiasco (no cars, they asked me to sit and wait and had no idea how long it'd take, thanks, I'll go back to my residence around the corner and wait for you to call).

Eventually I was in a car and off to see Matt and Kat and their sweet blond babe down South.

The second trip forgetfulness problem came up right away (first was that I left my makeup bag in California) when I realized I'd left my work computer charger in DC. Whoops! Luckily Matt and Kat know someone who works for IBM and he had a plethora of chargers laying around.  Saved the day that Monday!

Matt and Kat went off to work during the day, and I worked from their house with pretty Sam. And then we'd have a big ole party at night!

We started one night with loaded tots at Busy Bee Cafe. Delicious!

Then we popped next door for a burger from Chuck's. I'm pretty sure I had the Spirit Animal. Roasted peppers get me almost every time. And cream cheese!

This was also my first experience with Cheerwine.

Fries with lots of dipping sauces. I like options!

And a glorious shake to top it off.  I'm stuffed.

There's a giant acorn in a park.

One day for lunch I got to meet up with Hope and Andre. It'd been a few years! So great to see these two.

We dined at home one evening, and with a backyard like that, who wouldn't want to eat outside every night?!

The blond babe, who was up and out the door every morning before I was awake. And who went to sleep before I was done working. I manged a photo or two.

Oh, and we had some delicious pizza! Nice thick square slices.

All too short of a trip, before I knew it I was on my way back to DC. Thanks, Kat and Matt! We'll reunite again soon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

So - I had a birthday on Monday.

I feel like I'm starting to not feel okay about getting older. Gray hairs are cropped up, wrinkles, etc. I'm thinking this might not be fun. Alas, I bought this:

We'll see how it works.

For the last couple years, I've not been in LA to celebrate my birthday, usually celebrating in Phoenix. I'm headed out of town again this weekend (with this lovely lady) to Austin, so I figured that was celebration enough. I started getting sick last week and did nothing over the weekend but rest in bed.

Alas, I figured I had to do something on Monday, and after some coaxing from friends, a small group of us gathered at Baco Mercat on Monday night. A long wait without reservations (parties over 6 must call a week in advance), but we all finally sat and ate and had a delicious time.

A couple other friends banded together to bring me a homemade version of Candy Bar Pie from Milk Bar, and wowza, is it amazing!  Thank you, Marcello and Heather!

All in all it was a pretty good birthday, and I feel good about the year ahead.  My motto this year shall be - just say yes! To do things I haven't done, to be open to whatever comes my way. And the first thing I'm saying yes to - a Ragnar Relay. Eeeek!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Musical Monday

St Lucia - Elevate.

And oh, it's my birthday.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

East Coast Part I - Hoya Reunion

Time to begin my East Coast trip! I hate to even say that it was my TEN year college reunion (seriously - I feel so old!), but that was a great reason to head east for a bit and reconnect with old friends. My first time flying Virgin Air, and I enjoyed their party club atmosphere during check in, as well as the mood lighting on the plane. I think I slept the whole flight into DC, so I didn't enjoy much of the on board entertainment.

I flew into Dulles and stayed the first evening with Georgetown friend, Stephen, and his wife and new baby. This is the first of many children I would meet on this trip.  He's cute!

One thing about this trip - I have really good friends.  Everywhere I went, I had a place to sleep and many offers to stay over anytime. It's a nice feeling.  And friends - you're always welcome to come stay with me in LA.

I woke up the first morning, realizing I'd left my makeup bag at home. Doh! Not that I'm a super girly girl, but I mean, c'mon. I needed some makeup. I caught the bus from VA into DC, popped into Angelle's house and went shopping for makeup and clothes. It was so humid, and I didn't really pack appropriately. Totally forgot how to dress. Nor did I have an outfit for the big reunion class party on Saturday night. The below is not what I wore, but it was a good humid weather option.

I spent the afternoon having lunch with an old coworker and exploring some old sites - touristy, yes. I love this building.

I wanted to see as many people as I could, so I held court each Thursday evening at a different spot and invited people to drop in and say hello.  First night, Hill County BBQ's outdoor picnic at the National Building Museum. Lovely idea and great place to meet up. 

Robin came by with her husband and baby (he's cute!) and Kirsten came (she recently left CA to head back to DC - I guess I can forgive her). 

And Xavi stopped by!

Squirmy babies.  Sorry your eyes are closed, Robin.

My old walk to work, down Mass Ave and M St.

Jacinda showed up from Pittsburgh on Friday, and the reunion fun started. We took the ole G2 to campus. I wonder how many hours I've spent waiting for that bus.

Jacinda and Angelle's old  house from senior year. It was open for some construction work, so we popped in to say hello.

The ever gorgeous Healy.

During reunion weekend you can stay in the dorms, which Brian elected to do. Oh, Village C!

How did all my clothes fit in that tiny wardrobe?!

Get ready for a campus tour. My favorite stairs, in Healy Hall.

Other nice stairs.

Rob was on campus!

The new business school is gorgeous.  Where was that when I was in school?! Funny enough, I just met someone who works for a woodworking company company, and this was one of their projects.

Jan Karski. I got to meet him my first year of school, before I realized his Georgetown connection. Had to say hello to his statue. Go read up if you don't know anything about him.

I hopped across the river to say hello to Christian and Christina and to meet Atticus!

Somehow that night, we snagged a table at Little Serow, which I've been reading about for months. Lucky that Angelle (who I was staying with) lives around the corner so we put our name on the list and got to relax at home before dinner. I was really happy about this option.

No substitutions, just take what you're served, family style. Cool retro vibe, dark basement, with amazing northern Thai.

After dinner we had a night tour of the monuments. It's nice to have a car in DC.

Saturday we headed back to campus for the picnic, and to see some panels/attend some classes by old professors. So glad that Crystal and Rich came down for the day, leaving a new baby at home in CT!

Wasn't expecting to see Ben and Andrea, but I saw them across the lawn and ran after them like a fool.

The old freshmen dorm in the background, where Angelle and I first met.  Roomies!

Harbin 3 for life.

Saturday night - the big class party.  There was one on Friday night, too, but we opted to just spend our money on one.

Salamanca Dos Mil Dos Epic Party Crew members - Luke and Rob.

Fellow Okie!

Delivery of Wisey's at midnight.  Bless the Burger Madness.

Class of 2003 party wrapped up at midnight, so we popped down to Class of 2008 to crash their party for a bit.

And then this happened on our way to break into our old dorm.

Angelle and I recreated our 1999 Sound of Music performance. This is the gazebo scene.

We used to sit at these desks and type to each other on AIM. Remember those days?

Oh, the 'bin. That got renovated right after we moved out.

More late night exploration in Healy, cause I love this classroom.

We decided to drive to Adams Morgan for Jumbo Slice.

We are way too old for these shenanigans.

The next day I joined Angelle and friends for the Washington Post Hunt, which is not a scavenger hunt, but a giant logic puzzle through the city. It was fun and nerdy, and I loved it. Go see if you can solve some puzzles after looking at these clue photos.

I had to leave before we were finished, off to North Carolina!

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