Monday, January 01, 2018

March Stuff 2017

Snowy and still cold early March, but after 11 weeks apart due to Army, Anthony got home on March 2. I recall being nervous to see him, despite having talked every day since he'd been gone. We had some reacquainting to do.

We had late night pizza and brunch at Penny Ann's the next day. So baby faced, he is.

A tribute to La Croix that I can get behind. We spent the rest of the weekend shopping and watching movies - Moonlight and The Salesman.

Tax time! I used to be so good at doing them in January, but I've been slacking the last few years.

A visit to the munchkins, followed by wedding venue research. Still not engaged, but weddings take time to plan so....

Option 1 in Utah County.

Option 2 in Utah County, the front runner in my head, and just as glorious in person. It ended up being the winner.

Anthony was like....uh....what....

But look at those views.

Finally tried Bam Bam's. I can get behind this, even if it's not Austin BBQ.

Back to hang with the littles. It was bubble time. She's very insistent on doing it herself.

I dig lasagna.

Stake conference at Assembly Hall.

Visited the tattoo convention from afar.

BBQ pizza at Meghan's. Best use of a grill, I think.

Still not engaged, but getting there! Mom sent me a family ring to use whenever Anthony decided to propose. I love it.

Someone had guinea pigs. No idea.

Took some time off work for March Madness - first two rounds were played in SLC, so I got tickets. Started the day off with Publik, then lots of basketball. Highlights were Arizona, Northwestern and Gonzaga.

This was kinda great...

And they've since remodeled the arena, but I really hope they still have that nacho stand down on the first level, cause it's great.

Healthy work potluck.

Homework - finishing the first semester!

Spring sprung.

Tried out Proper Burger. It's pretty good.
The fries are great though.

One day after a long overnight shift, Anthony just decided to buy a car. It was well overdue, since his crap truck was crap and broken and likely unsafe, but this purchase was rather spontaneous. Alas, it's been great.

Cheap date night.

Had some fun with Google Translate at the Asian market.

Love these two.

I love these cookies too. They are often requested by my workmates.

Cake tasting! I really liked these and ended up booking with Sugar Rush. Anthony was at work and couldn't join, but he doesn't love cake anyway, so more for me.

A friend hooked me up with some tickets to a Salt Lake Screaming Eagles indoor football game, but the twist is that the game is fan controlled. You vote on plays via their app, with all player, mascot, coaching selection happening before the season through fan votes. It's fun. The league is expanding soon, should be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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