Friday, September 30, 2022

Archives - July 2021

July - Stuff I did.

Puzzles. With cats. 

Beirut Cafe - I always order waaay too much food. 

Sour cream pancakes - once you make these, you'll not want to make another kind of pancake. 

Rob and Tashina were in town, in between bouncing around the globe. I had a fun time seeing their kiddos and catching up. 

Still amazed this cat can jump off the toilet, springboard onto the open shelf and get himself into this high  window. 

Went paddleboarding with Meghan out to Smith & Morehouse. Water was sooooo low. Still real pretty though. 

Last year on top to this year on bottom comparison. 

Carol was in town and we had a girl gang meeting up. Dinner at Tandoori Taqueria and dessert at Normal. 

Took a bunch of teenagers to the pool. 

If you still haven't eaten at Afghan Kitchen, get yourself there. It's amazing. 

Garden came along...

I must've gotten these new forsythia branches to put in a vase. We have a couple forsythia bushes out front and I love when they're yellow, but they're not yellow very long!

We went on the annual camping trip with my friend Rachel's family up in the Uintas. It's a fun gang and Anthony is always the kid ringleader of fun. 

And then he has to swim in the creek. 

Shenanigans with the nieces

Best summer series - Bluebird Cafe at Sundance. 

Finally upgraded my iPad so I could actually download apps again. The old one with 16G is pointless these days! Well, not entirely, it's still my main Kindle reading tablet, but it was time to get a new one. 

Best boy. 

Best girl. 

Best cheese. 

Parade of Homes rolled around again - love all the commentary. People hated on this tile, but I found myself actually loving in. 

He's too big for this but I love when he squeezes in. 

Her judgy face. 

Work had a 10 year anniversary party and flew everyone in to celebrate for a couple days. We had a fancy party at Sundance once evening, including tickets to another Bluebird Cafe concert series. The best!

Joined some rad ladies for a couple nights up in the Uintas. 

It's seriously stunning here, all the time. I love going up there. 

Katie, Naomi, me, Celeste and Sara. 

I made some killer campfire nachos that were a big hit. 

Came home to these two. 

I bought Tevas? I'm as confused as you are. Slowly completing my Utah transformation, I just need a Subaru now.

Beijing Games....2020....I mean 2021...

Now it's off to the land of dairy and lakes...

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Archives - June 2021

What was I doing many months ago?

Watching two cats wiggle their tails. 

Took a stroll through Allen Park, a funky little place with peacocks. 

It was Parade of Homes time in Utah County....

I do think this parade is better than the Salt Lake one. 

Tandooria Taqueria is always so good. 

We had a lovely storm. 

Miriam's the best. 

Carissa of Carissa's Cake Truck moved away and had a final sale. I had to go. Her cake and desserts are truly the best. 

This chocolate mousse caramel thing is one of the best desserts I've had. I am sad she's gone!

That awkward look... he doesn't quite fit. 

Stopped to smell the roses. 

New hairs. 

I had dinner with Michelle at Oishi Ramen. It's a great place, and she is someone I enjoy and don't see often!

I hiked. 

The best pair. 

Tara got married! First time that I met her husband, and it turns out he owns a house in my neighborhood. 

Cat in a basket. 

Our first garden. Tomatoes baked too much and struggled in the heat. 

Chris and Sabra and fam came over. I think we had a fire and roasted hog dogs in Millcreek Canyon and then hung out with the cats. 

There's a lot of construction going on in my neighborhood and a new commercial build that was all wood structure went up in flames. I could see the smoke from work as I drove home. 

Off to Chicago to see Meghan and Kevin! They moved there right at the start of the pandemic and have been holed up without friends visiting. 

Of all the times I've been to Chicago, I've never done a boat tour. Time to change that. 

We had dinner at Pequod's the first night, and I think I've decided I don't love deep dish pizza. But then lunch the next day, gotta have that burger, ya know?

Dinner with Meghan and Kevin at Roister. 

It was all great. 

Saturday we did a bike tour, also a first in Chicago.

Saturday dinner - The Girl and the Goat, which I love so much. 

Sunday brunch with Derrick!

Stayed at the same hotel I almost always stay at in River North, which is kinda funny. 

Museum time.

This quilt exhibit by Bisa Butler was amazing. 

Back home to silly Leo. 

And Miriam.

YW Camp!

It poured most of the day with lightning but luckily it cleared up and we were able to float the river. 

My girls made up a skit about a serial killer so...

And that's June...

Archives - July 2021

July - Stuff I did. Puzzles. With cats.  Beirut Cafe - I always order waaay too much food.  Sour cream pancakes - once you make these, you&#...