Thursday, May 30, 2019



May has been a hectic month getting moved. We closed on our home May 1 and took our time moving slowly over a week and a half. It was kinda nice doing a couple small loads of things every day after work, but I also didn't know where anything was. Anthony wasn't feeling well during most of the move, and thankfully friends and family helped out a lot at the last push - moving the bigger items and cleaning up our old place. Nice to have a full deposit returned.

Family came to town for Archer's baby blessing, but right in the middle of moving.

I think we're mostly sleeping on the floor for now.

I had to go to Florida for work last week, a quick 48 hour trip that felt way short and exhausting. 

And while there, my eyelid decided to break out with cold sores. Not fun. 

I got home late Wednesday night and didn't want to go to work because of that. Also because I hadn't showered and I was exhausted. Except, surprise, we still don't have internet at our new house, so I couldn't work from home. I texted a friend about working from her house that day, which was no problem. She set up an access code for me to get into her house, and as soon as I sat down to log onto her internet and start working, the power went out in her whole neighborhood. Foiled!

I had no choice but to go into the office, but I didn't want anyone to see me. I wasn't really dressed to be seen in public, so I pulled a hoodie over my face, went to a different floor and hid out all day. Thankfully I could confide in one person who brought me a plate of food and some drinks.

The next day my eye was clearing up, but I got a terrible sinus infection and got really sick. Just in time for Shannon to fly in and be our first houseguest, so we could both celebrate Meghan and Kevin's wedding this weekend. I took lots of drugs and rallied, but I didn't feel well at all. And still had to go to work for one Friday afternoon meeting because, no internet at home. Ugh.

I'm finally feeling a bit better, but now it's off on another weekend trip tonight. I kinda wish I could just have a few days at home feeling well and competent so I can get my life/house together. Yes, I know I'm complaining, but if you can't complain to the internet, where can you complain?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Archives - Oct 2018

October things - the impending layoff from work got extended. I'd initially been put into the last wave of people to leave, on Sept 30, but as things dragged out, they asked me to stay through November. I'll take two more months of paychecks with little to do....even though I was just ready for it to be over. It's hard to sit through over a year of knowing. Cut the cord already. This sorta messed up our grand plan to go travel SE Asia for 3 months and come home at the new year to find new jobs. Oh well.

I spent a good bit of time at the SLC cemetery. There are some cool people buried here, and I created a scavenger hunt game for the YW for an activity. But if anyone else in SLC wants to do it, I'll happily send you my info!

Taylor and Courtney were going to have another baby - we had to guess boy or girl.

With their blue ice cream for boy!


The day of the actual scavenger hunt. It's a big cemetery - we could've been there for hours trying to find everyone. Sadly we only had about 45 minutes before the sun went down. People got bonus points for finding the oldest grave, or the youngest person, etc.

Crazy storm weather.

Wowza on big church changes - but it's about time for 2 hour church.

Had to digest that news with some waffles. I'm really happy we have a waffle maker.

Neighborhood walk.

This might be my favorite thing on the internet.

Canadian Thanksgiving time at Meghan's house. I made the best squash au gratin dish - two pans this time - and it went fast. It's so good.

Jinya opened in the neighborhood. I'm a fan.

And the best part - save you broth, and you can get a noodle refill for $1.50 to go. Leftovers!

Neighborhood walk with Jenn and little Dieter.

Celebrating Carol's marriage! I wasn't able to get to Hawaii for the actual big day, but I'm so happy they had a Utah celebration. I was in charge of bringing the pizza. Low key dance parties are the best. Plus seeing lots of old friends.

The littles came to our house one night while parents were out and about. I got them cupakes and lots of coloring and we watched a Halloween show.

Putting them to bed was hilarious.

Somewhere in here I interviewed a couple high school kids for Georgetown admissions. One of them actually got in! I also discovered the warehouse store in town, and I got myself a fine pair of waterproof hiking boots. No more cold feet for me!

I helped solve an old LA mystery. Sam found an old Secret Santa present from years ago that he was supposed to deliver to a Kenley. He didn't know her, and it never got delivered for some reason. But I know her, and she moved to Houston, so I put them in touch and mystery solved. It was a fun Insta story saga for a couple days.

I really dig this brand of skincare.

Cousin Daniel and I went hiking one day - remember how I didn't have much work to do since I was getting the can soon? I took advantage. This is Horsetail Falls near Alpine.

On the way down we saw a huge moose hanging out. Don't wanna get caught in that dude's way.

Out and about - he always finds the cats.

We caught an early screening of Free Solo. I knew that Jimmy Chin, the director, would be there for Q&A after, but Alex was a surprise. After watching the film and then watching him walk past me, I was in awe. He's a super human.

I guess I went back to the cemetery again to finish out my own game! Also I saw the film Jane and Emma, which is an important story to hear.

Civic duty.

Taco Tuesday at work - one of the last times together!

Fall is coming.

Toilet leak. For some reason I couldn't be bothered to call my landlord for a couple weeks. We just kept dumping out the bowl.

I got some one on one time with little Q one day. She's so fun.

She asked me if I still live in the house where there's a lot of markers. I guess she liked coming over.

Park picnic.

Evening at Laziz Kitchen. I think it's so good. And I always want to order everything, which we did.

We had the church trunk or treat and set up pumpkin bowling. We figured that plastic pumpkins would be easier to clean up, but they got destroyed.

Hell week at OTF - always hard, always fun. I do it for the shirt.

Fancy movie seats for First Man. Yay $5 Tuesday.

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