Friday, March 31, 2017

Goin' Back to Cali....last August

In August, I went back to LA for the first time in quite awhile. It's sometimes very strange to me that I lived there for three years. The trip's main purpose was for Jonathan and Rebecca's wedding, but it was also memorable since it was the first trip that Anthony and I took together that involved a flight.

I flew in on Wednesday night and got in a little extra time. Anthony would come the next day, since his new work schedule was up in the air.

I stayed with Mike cause he's got some extra room in an actual house for guests, so Thursday we grabbed some lunch at his office, near the spot of our old Century City Lunch Club. I do miss those outside lunches at glam food courts. Then I had to take off for Georgetown Cupcake. I love it so.

Stuffing my face in the car. Mmmmm....

Then it was time to pick up my love! I got to LAX before too crazy of traffic, and we booked it downtown because I'd managed to get tickets to the Broad that evening. I'd wanted to go ever since it opened.

I almost submitted this to the 'fashion dads' Instagram but I didn't.

We put our names on the waiting list to try and get into The Infinity Room and had some time to kill until our text confirmation came in.

And we made it! I debated taking a photo or just enjoying the 45 seconds I had in there, but I had to capture it.

Wedding couple Jonathan and Rebecca live right next door to the Broad, and we had a little time to kill before dinner, so I gave them a ring and we popped up to their apartment to say hello. It was great to see them before crazy wedding events started.

I'd made reservations that evening for an old favorite spot downtown- Baco Mercat.
I promise this looked cooler in person while we were meandering around downtown.

Friday was beach day! Anthony's one request, and it was easy to oblige. We hit up Santa Monica.
I think we also had to find him a swimsuit at Target the night before we left.

Friday night it was back downtown to Becca and Jonathan's apartment. They'd reserved the party room and had all their wedding guests come hang out for some food and relaxation.

Then it was time for Griffith! One of my favorite places in LA that I wanted Anthony to see. Mike and Jonathan met up with us over the evening to hang out, too.

And finally a late-night stop at Tacos Los Primos.

Saturday was a lazy day, and I really wanted brunch at Sycamore Kitchen. Such goodness, but it kills my wallet every time since I have to order a bite of everything.

We hit up the Annenberg Space for Photography to see their refugee exhibit.

Then it was wedding time! Back to downtown.

My eyes are half-closed, but yay for seeing Shannon!

Really great to see these Phoenix friends.

Dancing in the fountains was most excellent. Can't top that.

And our first social media post together....eeeeek....that's big for me.

Wedding food was good, but Chego was so close, and I needed those ooey gooey fries. They come in half orders!

Sunday was a nice day. We went back to visit my old ward for sacrament meeting, then Jessica and Lisa had us over for dinner. I always love picking back up with friends that you haven't seen in awhile. On the way back to the airport we did a pit stop in a long line for some Salt and Straw. It's just the best ice cream, though I still want them to bring back their monthly flavors from February 2015 for the permanent menu.

Bye, LA. See you again sometime.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Last Summer...August

Life is still crazy lately, and it's about to get crazier, but I'm two weeks away from finishing my first semester of grad school! And my grades are pretty good :)

Let's jump back to August for a minute. Quinn was sweet and chubby. 

Hallie turned 3! She gets the whole birthday present thing.

I got her all sorts of things, including this pink cup (her favorite color), some princess band-aids and a couple pairs of Peppa Pig pajamas. She was very thankful and sweet.

My ward Relief Society had a Spanish cooking night with a couple guests from Spain. I miss that place and that food, and I got on a real pan tomate kick after that. Bread, olive oil, garlic and tomatoes. Don't need much more than that.

Got my hairs did. Syndey is amazing.

More niece time.

You can't even tell what this photo is, but I think I won these tickets at work or Lacey had them, I went to see Culture Club. Wowza, wowza. I'll tumble for ya....

Back at Red Butte for Ryan Adams. Man, he's just so good. This marked two summers in a row of seeing him, and I've got summer 2017 tickets now too.

I forget her name, but I love Ryan's Dr Pepper machine on stage.

Olympics!! I should've watched way more synchronized swimming.

Taylor and Courtney went on a little trip, so I stayed with the nieces for a few days.

She's obsessed with dresses.

I even managed to take both of them to their cousin's birthday party without too many issues. Two kids, two carseats, a little drive.

This old guy was the security guard at my local grocery store, and he was the sweetest! Always greeted you and said thanks for coming in when you left. I was so sad to see this sign! I almost went to the funeral because I thought he was so cute.
Summer Corporate Games! We didn't do as well at trivia this year as last year. Oh well. Still fun.
My team did, however, win mini golf!

I think I was even sick that day and planning not to play, then a couple people cancelled last minute and I went in. Look at us, bringing home the gold.

End of August means September Issues! I love magazines.

Super random photo, but Miles has a lovely garden and had people over for make-your-own-salad-from-my-garden-greens night.

My parents came to town for August birthday celebrations (theirs and Hallie's) and it was also the first time they met Anthony. I was a nervous wreck. I don't do the 'introduce the person you're dating to your parents' very much. Or like, never. We had a great BBQ and a relaxed evening with some cousins who came over, too. And I shouldn't have even worried about the big intro, cause it's fine, and I think they liked him alright :)

I got a German chocolate cake for birthday celebrations.

I'm ready for summer nights to come back.

Her little braids :)

This was during her wedding monologue - talking about what dress she wants to wear.

Some random flowers that I don't remember.

He steals my phone and leaves me with these self-portraits.

Dinner out before the parents left town.

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