Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stuff I Did in Utah In July

Still on a pool kick. Meghan and I tried out the Murray City Pool. I was a fan. 

Look what came in the mail! Cuban visas.

My neighbors went out of town and I watched their fish. It was pretty peaceful to just sit and watch them.

Summer nights.

Celisse made some magic happen for the Fourth of July - she found a sweet deal on cashing in hotel points and booked us a room for the night at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City.

More pool time!

We ventured out for dinner and fireworks in our patriotic clothes.

The golf course was the place to be for fireworks, and for nice people around handing out fruit pizza.

And we got 'crappy cake' from the grocery store since Meghan and Celisse love that kind the best.

Back at the hotel we snuck out to the hot tubs right as they were closing and we had the place to ourselves.

Deer at Taylor's house. Pretty regular occurrence. 

Anthony and I were front row to see Wye Oak. I was so glad to have finally seen them!

Anthony's friends got a campsite one night in the Cottonwoods, so we drove up to hang out and roast hot dogs. I was perfectly content to drive back and sleep in my own bed afterwards.

I made the trip out to see the church girls camp situation. Also content to only have gone out there for a night and slept in my own bed after. But they had quite the set up!

Much better campsite for the girls than previous years.

And I took a boat out.

They crack me up.

We had a nice campfire devotional that night.

More mountains - back at Sundance for Bluebird Cafe! Seriously one of the best summer events in Utah.

Even after all the campsite and music action that week, on Saturday Anthony and I got up early and headed out to the Uintas. I'd never been despite hearing such good things. And it sure was great. We did some lakes trail.

At the top and there was some snow.

We hung out in here for awhile and at our packed lunches.

Pretty stunning.

We'd hardly seen anyone else all day and this lake area was empty, so Anthony jumped into the freezing waters. Couldn't pay me to do it.

It really is so pretty up here.

And then we found a gorgeous sunset as we got near Park City. Utah wins during the summer for sure.

You get the point about how I loved the Uintas. I also loved this book this year and suggest you read it.

And I love this guy, too.

Next up, Cuban adventures!

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