Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life from My iPhone

Running in Santa Monica.

Yes, I watched this movie and loved it.

State quarter counting.

I don't like my brownie batter looking like laundry detergent.  Why does this exist?

Still loving my slow cooker.

It's time for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies 

Alysia resurfaced!  Somewhere on the campaign trail, she had an hour in the Burbank airport.

I hit the 405 on the way home from Burbank just before it started to close for Carmaggedon.  Whew!

Movie on the pier.  I forgot how many funny things happen during the Wizard of Oz.  If it's been awhile since you've seen it, you're guaranteed some chuckles.  Like when the lion runs out the window.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Santa Barbara Wedding

I'm a month behind in blogging, so backwards we shall go.

Last month, the darling Erin got married and held a wedding reception in Santa Barbara.  This happened to be during Carmaggedon weekend, and I happen to live right next to the affected freeway.  But never fear, it was the perfect excuse to drive PCH through Malibu, and at the last second, the magic Mike decided to rent a Mustang convertible.  Yes, please!!

Becca, Mike and I headed off on a windy adventure.  This dude was intent on getting the perfect photo of that bush.

Stuck in Santa Monica traffic.

Pit stop in Malibu.  As soon as Becca and I walked in, we though the place looked a little familiar.  It was the same gelato chain where we'd had a few scoops in Italy.

Crops near Venture.  They grow all kinds of stuff there!

I'd never been to Santa Barbara, and since we were close to the old mission and had a little time to kill, we ran by.

It's a pretty stunning place.  I definitely need to go back for a weekend.

Okay, now for the wedding part, the real reason to be there!  We managed to find some open rooms in the church to change clothes, except neither Becca nor I had brought a brush for our tangled, gnarly hair.  Awesome.

I was a little surprised to see on the invitation that the reception would be held at the church building.  While that's usually the norm, it's also a boring option, and Erin is anything but boring.  However, when I saw the SB church building - whoa!  Whoa!  Their courtyard is gorgeous.  And Erin's choice of decor was just stunning.  One of the prettiest weddings/receptions I've attended.

Erin and Seth are just a lovely couple.  Super congrats to them!

The food was veggie delicious - your choice of grilled veggies, personally sauteed for you, then added to your choice of pastas with varying sauces.  Pinkberry and cookies for dessert!  Plus cake, of course.

Erin's family got the night rocking with a mini-musical, and then the karaoke band took off and anyone could perform.  That band could play anything!  Definitely a fun night.

At the end, we all took the lanterns from our tables and lit their way out of the party, off into their new life together.

Time to go home - we drove onto the SB pier first, since I'd never been.

Quick journey home, as Mike drives FAST (I was only a little terrified) and I got home to get enough sleep before midsingles fifth Sunday kicked off the next day.  Lots of food to set out and large crowd.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I almost feel silly writing about Halloween costumes when people are struggling to get through Hurricane Sandy right now, but I feel a small sense of triumph this year.

(Seriously though, East Coast friends, I am thinking about you and concerned for you!  I would be a little terrified).

Halloween is my least favorite holiday (except for the candy part), and I get all sorts of stressed out about finding a costume, first thinking, eh, I don't like to dress up/think of a costume/have anything around to work into a costume, so I won't dress up.  Then as parties creep up, I feel the pressure of finding something, but I don't want it to suck, so I stress out finding the perfect thing at the last minute and it's just always a mess.

Well, I went through all that this year, but it all turned out well.  I was in Phoenix for work this week, but got back in time to do the costume shuffle (I think I went to ten stores on Saturday, thrift/Goodwill and regular stores and finally found all the props I needed).

Hello, Suzy Bishop and Sam Shakusky!   Some people got it, quite a few had to ask.

Oh, look!  Double trouble!

 I'm going to watch Moonrise Kingdom again, as soon as I finish writing this post.  

Amy had a binder full of women.

Tim proclaimed himself the scariest costume at the party.  I might actually agree a little.  

Food - not quite as good as James Nickerson's dead fingers from a couple years ago, but points for trying.

And this was just sick.  Sick!  No way I could eat out of that.

Colin's 'black hare' was pretty creepy.  Those teeth!

All in all, a decent party.  Let's see what next year brings, though I'm in no hurry to get there.

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