Monday, December 30, 2019

Archives - August 2019

Mom and Dad came to visit for birthday month. Leo had to check out their luggage.

And then the kitties discovered the bar downstairs.

My lovely boss gave me a housewarming gift - a gift card to a really cool nursery near me. So I got some beautiful plants in August. And like I mentioned before, my black thumb has now killed these beauties.

Lots of niece time.

Kimber and Tanner made it in too.

We convinced the girls to come up to my house for a sleepover with grandma and grandpa. And the kitties.

We all survived and even managed to get some sleep.

Time to hike Mt Aire with Julie and Jesse! It is dang steep. I will probably never do it again, even though it's amazing.

Never again.

Cats and plants don't mix.

Hallie's birthday time. Archer is happy about it.

On a drive, little Q fell asleep. Hallie is a good sister and held her head.

Bridal Veil Falls

I started making Dutch Baby pancakes and now I can't stop.

Parade of Homes - another favorite summer thing! And my most popular content on Instagram.

A few highlights.


In love with this front door.

This tile is so rad.

I met up with Courtney one Friday night to kill time at the mall. We found some amazing deals at Clark's shoes. Who knew? Our husbands got new pairs and so did we.

Anniversary weekend celebration, starting at Este.

Then books.

Then naps, followed by a screening of the Farewell. 

Then fancy dinner at Log Haven. 

Happy two years to us. It's been quite the ride already.

Solid salmon.

Leo started climbing screens, so I bought a cat tree.

They dig it. And they still do.

Sunday naps.

So so cute.

Soccer. But I think this night I was not in a good mood so I went, took a photo, and went home. At least the tickets were free.

Roberts BBQ night.

More Parade of Homes. Those walls are all the rage.

Yay Ogden Twilight! Bob Moses.

And Phantogram.

My little loves.

And another Dutch Baby.

Neighborhood walk.

One of our SLC favs.

Back at the vet so they don't get rabies. It's two shots each and I heard them cry in the back. So sad.

Dutch Baby time.

Back at Sundance.

Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz, and Dave Barnes


Except when they get in my plants

Catered lunch every Wednesday at work is so nice. Especially when it's empanadas.

A beautiful plant once. Now barely hanging on for life in my bathroom.

Homemade Indian food. It was okay.

My passport was about to expire, so I prepared it to be shipped off with a new application. Look at all the places this one took me. 

The new passport came back quick and I'm ready to fill it up again. But a trip to the Scandinavian store in our neighborhood doesn't quite count.

Kiddo time.

I love when they want to ride with me.

Smoking Apple

And now to wrap up the month - the Utah Symphony with Sting! What a legend. I feel lucky to have seen him.

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