Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Post-Birthday to Halloween

What's been happening these last six weeks or so? I keep saying nothing, because nothing is new, but I do have a few tidbits to share.

Right after we got home from Yellowstone, Anthony went to Alaska. And in that 36 hours home, he had to find a place to get a Covid test, and hopefully get negative results quickly so he could roam free in Alaska. I was stressed for him, but luckily it all worked out. It has not been easy to get tested without symptoms (which makes little sense, because so many covid cases are asymptomatic). One of his good college buddies lives there and another friend got to meet them, so they had a nice boys week exploring Alaska.

Meanwhile, I was at home amidst lots of reports of neighborhood break-ins and robberies, including a guy with a knife who stabbed my neighbor in the leg after he confronted the bad guy, another scary break-in a mile away with people who jumped in the backyard and cut all power to the house before breaking in, and other things. Wasn't great to be home alone for a week, but I had bear spray so....? Luckily everything was fine and is still fine. I did manage to have a girls night out with amazing food from Nomad and some dessert from Browniesx3. No photos, just memories. 

Tis the season to re-seed the lawn. I did a ton of trips to Home Depot and the IFA store since I kept underestimating how much top soil and seed I needed. But look at this beautiful stuff. 

Lots of raking to de-thatch the bad spots. Then I seeded by hand and covered with top soil. It's hard work! Then water 3 times a day and pray that it works. I am not great at growing things. 

I recreated the Hello Fresh silky Sicilian pasta dish while Anthony was gone. Basically eight servings to myself. So good. Still haven't felt the need to do it again yet though. 

Got a haircut. Went a little lighter. 

Home Depot receipts, all over the house. 

Fresh Ben and Jerry's, just for me. 

Finally got around to reading this after putting it on hold, getting it, and then not reading it. Finally did, and I loved it so much. 

Shrimp tacos from HelloFresh. Anthony was back and could help me eat them. 

Ice cream time with Meghan and Tintin. First time at Handel's! I liked it. Still loving Normal the most though. Apparently my work friends designed an ice cream sweet sixteen bracket earlier this year but didn't get to do it. We still debate ice cream spots, until a true winner can be crowned. 

Always waiting for me when I get home. Right here. Half-sleepy faces when I turn the lights on.

Meghan and I did a short little hike up to Gloria Falls, which isn't really on a trail or at least we didn't see any signs, but we found it. 

We did see a meditating kid though. 

Always in my face when I have cereal. 

Carisa's truck was open, and I didn't want to drive all the way to Springville. Luckily she had leftovers and did a flash sale. I only had to drive to American Fork to pick it up. So worth it. So good. 

It probably is the best cake I have ever had. 

I got a belated birthday gift in the mail from bro and sis-in-law. I could eat (and did eat) the maple butter with a spoon. It is beyond amazing. 

Always the same ahi tuna bowl from Vessel Kitchen. That place is so good. 

Look, it's baby grass! Maybe this is going to work. 

Date night at Afghan Kitchen. We grabbed it to go and settled into Fitts Park, a new to us place. 

He looks thrilled. He really did enjoy it. 

This little squish face. I love her. 

Conference weekend. It's gonna get worse before it gets better, so buckle up is basically what I took away from the whole thing. 

Also the weekend to plant bulbs! Who am I, doing all this lawn and garden stuff?

This whole bed of vines and weeds was a beast to dig out. Didn't quite get it all out, but enough to plant 70 bulbs. Hope they rise in the spring!

This ledge is quite high and they can both jump on it. Impressive little cats. 

In exciting news, I hired an interior designer! She does affordable e-design, so I send her measurements of my rooms and terrible before photos, like this. And then she gives me a plan and I execute at whatever pace my funds allow. Can't wait!

When you can't go to Bombay House, try this at home. It's pretty solid. 

Those perfect little crossed paws. 

My favorite quick lunch - precooked lentils from Trader Joe's, chop a red onion, tomato and cilantro. Mix and eat. Yum.  

My favorite Normal Ice Cream started a food truck Wednesday night. We got corndogs and then a discounted ice cream order. Yay for small businesses and good food. 

Black sesame + salted vanilla and yuzu drizzle with sugar bats. 

I don't see how this is comfortable, but Leo loves this spot. 

Homemade pizza night. Can anyone roll out a perfect circle of dough? Not me. 

Miriam's turn in the sun spot. 

Cutest yard, right?

Time to try out that gifted maple syrup. First up, toast some walnuts and wash some old blueberries. 

Pretty solid. 

Anthony's friend Zach was in town for a couple weeks for work, and he stayed with us. I drug everyone out of the house for a nature walk to fight off the Sunday sleepies. 

Date night at Nomad. Yes, I returned soon. I love it so much. 

Their smoked salmon salad still does it for me, every time. I can't stray. 

Loaf cat. 

Drive-thru flu shot. So fast. Just do it. 

HelloFresh box delivered us some delicious squash and caramelized onion tarts. Woudl make again. 

I hate to say it, but I distract myself lately by watching 90-day Fiance. Including some of the spin off shows. Don't judge. 

Got real excited about Arby's sweet potato fries, and then I was delivered an overdone, dry, tasteless basket of nothing. Boo.

This Halloween cat was on sale at Michael's, and when I turned it on, dang, it's kinda scary. The alive cats did not like the sound that came out of battery cat. 

Did a hunt for these ingredients! Time to try out laundry stripping. All the rage on TikTok earlier this year.

But first up, Canadian Thanksgiving! Meghan had to change it up this year, because obviously we can't cram 150 people into her house for the usual potluck. But it worked out perfectly, since Cher just started her hand pie bakery. We ordered pies from her and met up at a park. Lots of distance and fresh air and wonderful food. 

Came home to try this laundry stripping thing out. The premise is that your clothes has lots of build up and aren't totally clean. So hours of hot water and magic soaps actually strips the bad stuff. Does it work? Eh, I'm not totally convinced. 

Everyone shares all their dirty water photos, but some of this is dye. 

Another cute yard in the neighborhood. 

Voted early via mail/drop off ballot in person. And still got a sticker!

I had a hangry meltdown one night because I didn't like any of the leftover food in our house. Anthony was patient and got me to order Zupas. I do really like that place. Healthy-ish and still good. 

Finished this book too, and loved it. 

Take out from Chedda Burget. It's balanced out if I get the plain-ish burger, but load up on the fries, right?

Out of the blue, Anthony mentioned he might cut his hair that has now grown for more than a year. I took pictures of his curls, just in case. 

And a couple hours later....

Anthony was gone one Saturday all day, learning how to cave, so I went out and about for the day. First up, salad from Cheesecake Factory. Their factory chopped salad is a favorite. 

Then I picked up this little cat cave from Crate & Barrel. Classy cat furniture. They both love it. 

Sunday morning snow. Ugh.

See - they love it. 

I picked up a cast iron pot on my Saturday adventure, so Sunday I made my first ever loaf of bread in a pot. It turned out pretty well!

And then I went back to my favorite Dutch baby pancake. Check that puff. 


Tomatoes from the in-laws' garden and my homemade bread = pan con tomate. Mmmm.

Our interior designer sent back first concept boards! Exciting!


Hell week workout at the gym means ice cream for dinner. 

Time to get the rakes out for the annual youth neighborhood cleanup. The wind storm a few weeks ago took most of the leaves already, thank goodness.

More new puzzles for the winter ahead. Now I just need a table that closes up to keep things away from that little guy.

And a few books for long winter reading. These have all been on my list for awhile but the library does not have them. 


Taco night with all the colorful veggies.

Popcorn and M&Ms are the best, with a side of 90-day Fiance.

Leo stayed like this all afternoon, right next to his mom.

Sweetest little face.

We tried out Sumac for Persian food. I mostly liked it? The olives had some overpowering flavors in it, and I wish I'd maybe tried something else. But overall alright. 

Anthony is learning to cave and went out again with some pros. They snapped this of him. 

Meanwhile my aunt came into town, so I met her and Taylor's family for a bit of the afternoon. And while in Provo, I had to try the Graham Canyon that my coworkers rave about. Very creamy, 8/10. 

Then I rushed home to set up our covid-safe Halloween trick or treat station. Had a pretty good turnout, even though several families in the neighborhood decided not to go out. 

Thai food for our Halloween dinner. And now it's November. What?!

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