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Really, That Long Ago?

As I log into Blogger today, it tells me my last post was August 9. AUGUST?! Seems like forever ago. I've hit the 6 month mark here in AZ....that's amazing. Does it feel like home? No. Not yet. Will it ever? I really don't know. There are some days I'm super happy here, like today when I drove home from work, sunroof open, 74 degrees outside, and music blasting in my little lovely Volvo. And there are others when I think WTF am I doing here? I think the settling in process is just going to take a little more time, and as long as it's warm outside, I'm okay with that.

So......what have I been doing? I spent the fall hiking with my coworkers, going to the Bay area to crash a wedding with Slick, hit SLC with my brother, spent Thanksgiving with family (which felt really weird since I'm used to hosting a big dinner with friends), settled into a job that I love, found a good church congregation to attend, went skiing with my family in Utah over Christma…