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lists and list and lists - updated

Things to do before I leave on a 2-week trip to New Zealand and Australia:

Order new contact lenses
Finish taxes
Book 7 nights of hotels - only 1 left
Book a ferry
Book whale watching tour
Get motion sickness meds after reading whale watching reviews.
Update car rental to tell them when I'm taking the ferry so I can swap cars on either side
Return dress to Anthro
Return skirt to J Crew outlet far, far away
Return dress to Old Navy
Co-organize a ward dinner activity at a fancy restaurant
Attend a visiting teaching brunch
Practice the organ so I don't mess up on the Easter program
Practice the extra musical number for the Easter program
Get the organ key from someone in way south west Phoenix
Find luggage
Get dry cleaning done
Transfer money among bank accounts
Put exchange rate tables into my Blackberry for NZ and AUS
Book excursions/fun tours in each NZ town
Buy new external hard drive
Pay utilities
Mail check to Mexico friends
Mail car payment
Arrange Netflix movies so I have 3 long films to watch w…