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Christmas Break 2015

.....and let's catch up about Christmas...

Mom and Dad flew into SLC late on the 23rd. I had my guest room all prepped and ready for their visit.

The next day we did a little shopping around town. I got new running shoes (which I am loving!) and some sugar cookies at Birdie's pop up shop. Best sugar cookies around!! We lucked out getting lunch at Moochie's, just as they were closing up for the holiday.

Taylor's crew came over in the afternoon.

Hallie got to ride the grandpa horse.

First time meeting baby Quinn!

Hallie loved the cookies too.

Taylor and Courtney left for a party (which the rest of us would crash later) and I took mom and dad downtown to see the lights at Temple Square. 

We went to Courtney's grandparent's house that evening for their annual Christmas party. Also a fun time with their gang. When we left around 10:30pm to head to Taylor's house down south, it had started to snow. On the freeway it turned into a full on blizzard. I was driving 2…