Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Parentals in Town

The end of last month brought a visit from good ole Mom and Dad, who happened to be in Philly for work and made a little stopover in DC on the way home. They hadn't been here since Christmas 2003, and it was the first time they've really seen "my life:" where I work, where I live, what I do, meet my friends, etc.

Friday afternoon they toured work, then we met up with SAM and had dinner at Cylde's in Chinatown. Considering that I NEVER introduce my parents to the latest man in my life, that was kind of a big deal, but it went over just fine. On Saturday the weather was PERFECT, and I took them to Eastern Market for breakfast, assuring them that the long line was worth it. Boy, was it ever! I'm especially glad they got to experience the pancake goodness before the fire tragedy. My dad ordered the Mexican omelette - best one I've ever had. I can't wait til the Market Lunch gets back on its feet and I can smother more eggs in that salsa. Delish! We browsed the goods after eating, and I even guessed the location of a mystery photo from a DC area photographer, winning 50% off a purchase. We spent the afternoon at Mount Vernon, which I have surprisingly never visited in the 8 years I've lived here. I loved it! Much better than I expected, and I'll have to return soon. We took the riverboat tour, checked out the farm, the big house, and the river view was just lovely. After that we hopped on the road to Annapolis, only to find every restaurant totally packed; we didn't want to wait 90 minutes for crabcakes. What's there to do in that situation? Call in the family back-up plan, Carrabbas. Sunday morning we hit church, said goodbye, and then they were off to the airport. Even though my dad hates city traffic and always says he's never coming back, he gave DC a good report and wishes he could come back soon. I hope so, and not just because I got free food all weekend!

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