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From Hong Kong....

From an email I wrote while I was recently away on a work trip:

This may be the coolest city I've ever visited.

It's not nearly as overwhelming as I thought it'd be. It's like NYC. But with more Asians. And announcements in Chinese. And skyscrapers and mountains and forests. Cleaner, VERY organized - these people queue up for the bus and subway like no other. I've never been more crammed into a train, but getting on - hundreds and hundreds of people on the platform waiting to board, all in perfect queues, lining up exactly where the doors would open. It's all very comfortable and familiar. As different as this part of the world seems, it's really a lot the same.There are lots of rules, as you can see from one of the signs. One of the first I saw at the airport - Take Care of the Children and the Elderly. Good advice, no?

I thought I was going to be detained by the HK authorities at the airport, as my passport seemingly expired in 2002, though a note i…