Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The CVDPs Get Me Everytime

I was terrible at ordering lunch today.

I'm in one of those weeks when nothing sounds good to eat.  Lunchtime rolls around, my tummy's growling, but I can't think of anything appetizing.  Usually I hit this marvelous place every day for good and cheap stuff, but not even that's cutting it.  

I've been craving a cherry-lime slush from Sonic lately.  It's warm outside, it's more than appropriate to quench the thirst.  I wanted one last night on the way home from the Adele concert (she's amazing, btw) but it was too late and they were closed up.  I wanted one two days ago, but held off cause I already met the sugar quota for the day.

But today!  Perfect - I'll go to Sonic, get a slush and find something else of substance to eat. 

Except as soon as I pulled into the parking lot, the old stand-by, Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper floats into my head.  Sonic is the reason the DP corp started canning their own version of the stuff.  And last weekend I went to Sonic for a Cherry Vanilla DP one afternoon, and they gave me a Coke instead.  Fail.  I really, really wanted a DP at that moment and they didn't give it to me.

So at the last second after I pushed the order button today, I decided to have Sonic make it up to me and bring me a real CVDP, but what I really wanted was a cherry-lime slush.  And the food didn't look good, so I just ordered the #1 combo.  Which turned out to be a hamburger and what I really wanted was a cheeseburger and I forgot to ask for it without lettuce.  The problem with Sonic lettuce is that it's not one giant leaf - it's all shredded.  Very hard to remove.  

I had to pick the lettuce off my non-cheeseburger, went to grab a tater tot and found a solidly frozen one, and drink my CVDP, which is always good, except when I really wanted a cherry-lime slush.


What's for dinner?


Erin said...

i wish we had a sonic around here. the food is gross, but the drinks are so good ... my favorite is the cherry cream slush. i don't know anywhere around here where you can get slushes.

The Fryes said...

You know I have to agree with you on the Sonic lettuce. Definitely not a fan but still lovin' the old school pickle o's. Remember those?

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