Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melting in May - Phoenix Style

A month ago I packed up my car on Mother's Day and drove to Phoenix, because that's where my mom was going to be!  I had to take all these packages that I had just received in the mail to decide if I wanted to return them or keep them, because I didn't have time to decide before my Euro adventures.  It sucks taking errands on the road with you.

While on the drive, the car in front of me had an oil leak, and it sprayed all over my car.  I had to go to a car wash right away.  The first one I went to didn't allow you to pay with a card.  Grrr.  The second one I went to, the card reader was out of order.  I had to trek inside and buy one.

There's my mom and grandma!  I made it there in time for family dinner with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and mom.

After dinner we went out to see my aunt's new house, complete with a neighborhood lake and boats.

There were three little fluffballs.

And this stuff from Costco is AMAZING.

The next day I went to work.

And then I had dinner with Megs and Shannon.  Remember when we went to the Phoenix food fest?  We decided that we needed the full experience from Sierra Bonita Grill.  It didn't disappoint.

Green chile mac and cheese.

Green corn tamale with green chile pork and manchego cheese.  That thing was GOOD.


And the buttermilk chicken with Oaxacan chile mashed potatos.  Nice little kick to those.  Super good!
I am so hungry right now.

There's Shannon and Meghan.

The next day I took my mom out for dinner to Windsor, always a favorite.

Mom had the crabcake BLT.

And of course, I had the brown bag chicken sandwich.  And a blackberry lemonade.  Even though I wasn't supposed to be having sugar then. Oh well.

Since mom loves caramel, I walked us over to Churn and ordered the favorite Madagascar vanilla ice cream in a pretzel cone with salted caramel on top.  Ridiculously good.

Later that night I ran to trivia.  King has been stoking the trivia fire, so there were a lot of people that showed up to Arcadia Tavern.  I think we had almost a perfect game the first half, fell apart in the second, and had a miracle answer on the last question to get back up to 3rd place.

Midweek, I had lunch with Jeff at Whole Foods.  Our favorite cashier who looks exactly like Bret Michaels wasn't there that day.

After work I dropped into the LGO grocery on my way to Postino.

Postino, how I love thee!

Megs and I got dessert for us and Chantal.

And made it a Bachelorette night.

Thursday - Tay and Courtney flew in!  We had dinner at the family favorite, Matta's.

Then we went shopping.

And got much-needed Bahama Bucks.

Friday was drive to Coolidge day to see the Williams side of the family.

I found old family photos and spent a good chunk of the day scanning them all.  There's me and baby Taylor.

And there's a picture of my Dad when he was young, looking EXACTLY like my little brother now.  So. Crazy.  

Grandpa showed us his plant skills.

We always have amazing dinners when Grandma cooks.  Good thing she likes to cook.

Red chile burritos and homemade tamales.  This is the usual Christmas dinner at the Williams house.

Oh yeah, and then we got bags of nuts from their trees.  I just made some chocolate chip cookies with my stash.

Taylor and Courtney both had birthdays that week.  Happy birthday!

My mom made that delicious cake.

The next morning was pool time.

Then shopping and taco time at Guedo's.
Finally, it was time for the event of the weekend.  Cousin Cameron and Julie's wedding!

We parked at my old ward building parking lot, where golf carts were waiting to drive us up the street to the reception. Most of the drivers were from my old ward, so I got to drive myself home in a cart because I stole the keys.  Why are golf carts so fun?

Mom and Aunt Lauri - mother of the groom

Lovely reception, then we went back to Bahama Bucks.  I filled up my punch card and am getting a free one next time!

Finally, time to go back to LA.

I made it just in time to go up on a hill and watch the solar eclipse.

Less than 48 hours til I took off for Europe!

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Nikki & Drew said...

I swear you have like the best memory ever!! I totally would have forgotten most of those details had that been my trip.

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