Thursday, August 01, 2013

More from May

So I've given you a current update as to where I am, but let's jump back a couple months and finish out May and June and the first half of July. Eeeek.

Carol came out to visit at the beginning of May, and we lined up some really good eating adventures.  First stop, Night + Market, full of Thai goodness. Carol lived in Thailand, and she gave it two thumbs up, and I'm definitely marking this as one of my favorite LA eats.

I really don't remember everything we ate, but Carol and the staff picked some great stuff.

I guess my camera got steamed up? Yeah, a little spicy on one dish. I'm a weenie.

The next night we headed to Picca, which has been on my list for awhile. It's Peruvian food with a Japanese twist. We had a hard time narrowing down our choices, but our waiter gave us some great recommendations and got us some delicious mocktails.

I love anything with ponzu.

Our waiter recommended the scallops with wasabi peas. Win!

Now to the heavier rice dishes. Kind of a lot. But we tried to get it all down.

The duck and cilantro rice. This one was just okay.

They have a great interior space and I loved their tiles out front.

Also that weekend, Ryan invited me and Cameron to go sailing. How could I say no?!

Spot the seal.

One of the kids on the boat started to get a little seasick (the water was really choppy that day), so we turned back a little early. Still a lovely ride.

Later that night I crashed the wedding reception that Carol was in town for, hitched a ride with these handsome dudes. Random horse on the side of the road = we had to stop.

Final meal of the weekend with Carol, and we had brunch at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice, now also on my list of LA favorite eats.

We had a spinach salad with a yogurt dressing to get our veggies for the day. That's also a blueberry clove lemonade, which I liked but didn't love.

Loved the chairs in this place. I rarely like dining tables and chairs, but I'd take these for my house!

I'm not really on the chicken and waffles train, neither is Carol. But our waiter said theirs were really, really good, so we took a leap of faith and ordered them. And they were really, really good.

I also love a good frittata, this one had chorizo, I think.

Last meal of the weekend - Cinco de Mayo taco night with Brigham at his grandma's! Just look at that yard. We had to run across it a few times.

I don't have any food photos of that night, but Carol's got some. Excellent meal and company.

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