Friday, December 06, 2013

The Rest of June

How the end of June went. 

Julie had a large birthday gathering downtown at Bottega Louie, which was on my list to try. 

I bought these things at Trader Joe's and I couldn't stop eating them. So good.

We had a Family Home Evening and made jam, inspired by Carolyn's efforts earlier that week. Freezer jam is quick and easy, just bring fruit, a masher and some sugar! Oh, and apparently no stores in LA sell pectin or know what it is. I called about ten places. Order that stuff online.

Erin and family came up to LA for a few days, so I met up with them in Glendale for some Lego action.

And then it was Mormon Night at the Dodgers. I tried out the all you can eat section. Hot dogs galore.

Erin and family stopped by my house one day, too. Children everywhere! And everything stayed in one piece.

Finally, Star Wars movie night. It was meant to be outdoors, but I guess we have a neighborhood noise curfew? It got dark too late in the summer to start the film before curfew, so we had to go inside. Boo for screen on the green. It was still fun, though only one person dressed up for our costume contest.

Oh, and Abe visited that weekend from Palm Desert and we had ice cream and almost watched Oklahoma! but we couldn't find any copies locally and quickly.

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