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Happy New Year!

I had a feeling last at the end of last year that 2013 would just be a great year and things were going to come together. Well, that didn't exactly happen. I should've known - unlucky 13!

 It was a strange year, with some really not-so-good things happening paired with some really good adventures (and concerts and food and becoming an aunt). It felt like an all over roller coaster. I haven't exactly enjoyed it - remember, I don't like roller coasters!

I'm looking forward to 2014, which I think will be a year of change. It's kind of scary, but I think it can only bring about better things.

Here's a little video of some favorite times from this year:

Musical Monday

Hat tip to Katilda for this one.

The video's a little strange, but this is a great song for driving with the windows down on sunny, warm, December, Los Angeles days.  Oh, you don't have those?  Sorry...

The Rest of June

How the end of June went. 
Julie had a large birthday gathering downtown at Bottega Louie, which was on my list to try. 

I bought these things at Trader Joe's and I couldn't stop eating them. So good.

We had a Family Home Evening and made jam, inspired by Carolyn's efforts earlier that week. Freezer jam is quick and easy, just bring fruit, a masher and some sugar! Oh, and apparently no stores in LA sell pectin or know what it is. I called about ten places. Order that stuff online.

Erin and family came up to LA for a few days, so I met up with them in Glendale for some Lego action.

And then it was Mormon Night at the Dodgers. I tried out the all you can eat section. Hot dogs galore.

Erin and family stopped by my house one day, too. Children everywhere! And everything stayed in one piece.

Finally, Star Wars movie night. It was meant to be outdoors, but I guess we have a neighborhood noise curfew? It got dark too late in the summer to start the film before curfew, so we had …

East Coast Part V - Goodbye, DC

I finally pulled myself away from NYC, after a comfortable night in the W hotel and a rainy walk to the bus stop somewhere off 10th Avenue.
Hello, old metro stop! This time I stayed at Carol's house, right in my old neighborhood, a stone's throw away from my old house. 
Friday I bummed around the city, maybe had a lunch date (I don't remember?) and awaited the NKOTB concert that evening.  Got behind the scenes at the Verizon Center. I was most excited about the Hoyas locker room.

The man behind all those New Kids photos this summer. What a job.

The NKTOB/98/Boyz II show was quite the spectacle. The people watching was amazing. I thought the bleachers were going to fall down because of all the jumping and dancing and such. Carol and I were amused for a bit, but then headed over to my favorite Zaytinya for a late dinner.

I got up relatively early on Saturday to meet Rob at Eastern Market. I was last there just before the big fire, and I'm so glad it's still running …

East Coast Part IV - New York City

Okay, so remember how back in May I went to DC for my Georgetown Reunion? And then I went to North Carolina to visit dear friends? And then I stopped in DC again quickly? Well, after that I went to New York. And I didn't want to leave. 
I trekked over to Union Station on a rainy Friday morning in early June to catch the bus to NYC. Ran into Nancy W on the subway, and I miss those types of encounters on the morning commute. The bus section at the station all moved to the back parking lot, which I guess made things easier?
Hooked on The National's new album at the time, listened to it most of the way up. 

Got into the city just around evening rush hour, and I popped up to Derrick's office off 58th to say hello, as I'd be staying with him for a few days. I made the rounds and met a few of his colleagues, I checked my work email, and then Derrick so graciously took my large bag home for me, so I could go meet up with a couple other friends for dinner.  Seriously - the tri…