Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utah Summer Kick Off!

Here's what I was up to when I got home from New York during the month of June.

Last Christmas I asked my parents for a membership to Red Butte Garden so I could get early ticket access to the summer series. It's a great venue. And I got to see Ryan Adams again! I'm just loving him lately.

I made the trip up with Amber, Melanie and Jessica. We were way in the back, but we had space and excellent picnic food. That's a vintage Dr Pepper machine, right behind the man.

Ryan was definitely on - telling stories, witty banter with the audience, a far cry from the last time he played here several years ago, I hear.

National Donut Day! Lacey and I went to Beyond Glaze. I'm finding I prefer the fruity over the chocolate donuts.

The very same night Abe and I got shaved ice. So much sugar.

Utah skies got kinda weird. I think it poured this night when I was headed to a wedding reception.

I opened the last of my chocolate bars from the chocolate tasting a couple months ago. It's Hungarian, and isn't that wrapping and design just beautiful? I'm saving that paper. I love it.

NYC guy was in town for a couple days. We drove over the mountain towards Park City and looked at some land. Utah is so beautiful.

Sunday afternoon I organized a picnic in Liberty Park, and all sorts of people came. It was lovely. I wanted to do it every other Sunday afternoon or so, but it's gotten too hot.

Worlds colliding.

I didn't pop over the hill to the drum circle, but Brigham did and took some photos that are in this post. 

It was hot one day. I needed out of the office. Frosty time!

In the neighborhood.

I'm so over the cafeteria at work and am trying to avoid eating there, but they've been bringing in Cup Bop truck! It makes me happy on Tuesdays.

I volunteered for Junior Achievement this year, and I went into a third grade classroom a handful of times and taught lessons about cities and money and how the world works. I had so much fun, and I loved the kids. They sent me a sweet thank you card.

Shopping. Madewell jeans are my jam, and I bought two of that shirt from J Crew.

Niya and Rhett got married! Very short engagement after she decided she didn't want to spend the summer planning a wedding. A couple weeks, and boom. Marriage.

LA connections.

The model and bride herself.

I drove to Park City one Saturday morning to the state Democrat organizing convention or something. Friend Miles is running for city council and I went to help out at a booth. Then I drove around the backside through Provo Canyon over to Taylor's house. I had to stop for a couple photos.

I got to get Hallie up from her nap and watch her go shopping. Self checkout!

She's already good with a credit card and she's not even 2.

The drone I got Taylor for Christmas. It's pretty cool.

We drove over to a city pond to play in the water. Hal was excited. 

She doesn't quite love the water, but she's doing swimming lessons now.

We got some Thai food for dinner and went for shaved ice. I picked up mine from the stand and started to walk back to my seat, and as soon as this little girl saw it, she said "bite, bite, bite." Guess who got the first bite.

One of my YW is working a shave ice stand, and she offered to make me the best concoction. Pretty awesome, with coconut ice cream in the middle.  I caught up on summer blockbusters and saw Jurassic World one night, too. Liked it more than I thought. But why was she wearing heels the whole time?!

I popped up to Bountiful one evening to go to the temple. I think Wednesday nights there are also my jam now.

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