Friday, January 08, 2016

Thanksgiving Adventures in Moab

My first trip to Moab!  I'm slowly getting around to checking things off the Utah must-see list.

Maybe back in October, I was kicking around Thanksgiving ideas, wondering who would be around and if I should host dinner or collaborate and host, and Celisse mentioned that she knew someone who was organizing a trip to either Moab or St George. We got in on the planning stages, and this little group came together and we headed off to some National Parks for a few days.

Matt was amazing in planning (maybe too organized, is that possible? I was impressed) and all we had to do was show up to some condos and have a good time. I didn't really know anyone before we went, so I was slightly nervous about the group balance, but everyone was excellent! We had a great few days.

Celisse and I picked up Melanie (who I'd known very, very briefly in DC, and it was lovely to reconnect) on the way down, and we pushed our way through a snowstorm in Spanish Fork canyon on Wednesday night. I hated, hated, hated driving in it, but we made it.  A couple other people driving down luckily missed the snow, but their car blew up and Luke had to go rescue them late at night.

Alas, I woke up Thanksgiving morning, welcoming the cold sunshine, and went on a hike with Melanie and Bekah to Corona Arch.

We came back to the condos, where everyone had been working on our feast! I managed to make my famous from last year french silk pie, and we had a delicious meal!

Stuffing is always my favorite part.

And these sweet potatoes were like candy.

Our dwellings. Perfect for our group - two condos across the hall from each other, and plenty of space for all.

After dinner we scrambled in cards to get out to Canyonlands and see the sunset. It was a race against the clock, since sunset was so early. And I was so sleepy! Had to fight through the post-dinner nap.

Some cool moon rising after we got back, though I need to learn how to capture it better. 

The next morning we all set off on a variety of adventures, despite the cold.

Celisse and I popped into Arches for the day, since we'd never been.

I didn't realize how big this place is!

The next morning we did a hike to Delicate Arch. It had snowed the night before and was quite pretty. But quite cold!

Moab - I'll definitely be back!

And here's a video Melanie made of our getaway, too! 
Moab Friendsgiving 2015 from Melanie S on Vimeo.

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