Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cuba Part V: Santa Clara and Index

Saturday morning we took off to Santa Clara, maybe an hour or so away. Ale called someone to get a car for us. We had already booked a place to stay there for Friday night, but once we decided to stay in Trinidad, we didn't have a way of getting in touch without internet. Oh well, hope they didn't mind that we didn't show! We had already paid.

Santa Clara is a university town, and not a ton of things to do that were on our list, except visit el Museo de Che. His army attacked the city and took over, pushing out Batista at long last. We had our driver drop us off near the complex. There was a place for us to store our bags while we walked around.

Tiny little flame, hanging on there in the rain.
We went inside the mausoleum where Che and other soldiers are buried. It was quiet pretty and quiet. No photos allowed. Worth a stop by.

We walked back out to the taxi area and didn't see a ton of activity. This guy was already waiting on someone, but he called a couple friends with cabs to make sure we had a ride. Cubans are great and so helpful.

We made it to the airport with time to spare. Enough time to even get a snack.

Back to Miami we went. It's a quick flight, and the pilot made it even quicker since there were some major thunderstorms. I think we were up and down in about 25 minutes. Back to America! Back to the land of wifi! And guess what - when I turned my phone on, I'd missed absolutely nothing of importance about the world, except for talking to my boyfriend.

Here's a recap of all my other Cuba posts. Happy to chat if you want help planning your own trip!
It only took me 7 months to write about it, but give me a break, I'm in grad school!

1)  Havana
2) Vinales
3) Cienfuegos
4) Trinidad

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