Friday, August 25, 2017

Roadtrip! Grand Teton National Park

Let's play catch up. I'm only like a year behind.

About a year ago, Anthony started a new job with a 4-day a week schedule. We realized that the weekend after Labor Day, he had both Friday and Monday off work. I suggested we drive up to Grand Teton in Wyoming since I'd never been, and  he was more than game.

We did a big Walmart trip Thursday night to prep - lots of camping things we didn't have. Gotta have good camp food, so I got a cooler to store our goods. And lanterns, and an air mattress, and etc, etc.

Friday after work we headed out, stopped in Ogden for dinner and tried to catch a comedy show (sold out, boo) and got to a hotel in Pocatello, ID for the night. Got up Saturday morning to a dead car battery, but the super nice front desk staff helped us out.

I researched a little bit about campgrounds and settled on Gros Ventre, just outside the park. The camp staff was awesome and gave us a good campsite. And a discount with Anthony's military ID.

After getting settled, we were off to explore. 

He always has to swim in lakes.

Over the weekend we saw so many kinds of wildlife. I really wanted to see a bear in the wild, but probably better that we didn't. 

Day one in the books, ending with a lovely fire.

Day 2 - we took a boat across the lake. 

We covered a good distance, always make noise so the bears could hear us.


Anthony's got a backpacker stove, and we settled down for a little lunch. I'm amazed at all these gadgets for the wilderness. We can drink safely from the river water and cook a meal in the middle of nowhere.

It's actually quite tasty.

Sunset at Schwabacher's Landing. It's a lovely spot.

I'm slowly getting outdoorsy with this stuff. I survived two nights in a tent. No shower, but at least there's a bathroom nearby. I can do this.

I love this face.
Heading home Monday morning. We took a different route through Big Piney, WY.

Lincoln Highway Tavern in Evanston is a great burger place, BTW.
And that concludes the Grand Teton tour.  I'd love to go back and stay on the north end. Some of those spots were already closed for the season. And then you can drive right up into Yellowstone. Gotta get there!

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