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Cuba Part I: Havana Nights!

Cuba! The forbidden country of mystery! 
I really loved my time there and will definitely return, though I've got some strong opinions about why people should/should not travel there. The best part of my trip was staying with families and getting to know Cubans. This place is a living experiment in socialism, and it’d be a disservice if you’re not doing the educational tours and chatting with people who live under the revolution.
If you're just planning to hang at a beach resort (which is breaking your visa requirement, though no one actually checks) or trying to Instagram everything (good luck with scarce Internet), maybe choose a different destination. Also be aware of the impact to your visit, as this recent NY Times article calls out, tourism is taking food from residents, and many can't afford higher priced produce. Resources are limited and you're taking a slice of the pie. Staying at hotels and eating at restaurants just puts more money into the hands of the go…