Thursday, May 30, 2019



May has been a hectic month getting moved. We closed on our home May 1 and took our time moving slowly over a week and a half. It was kinda nice doing a couple small loads of things every day after work, but I also didn't know where anything was. Anthony wasn't feeling well during most of the move, and thankfully friends and family helped out a lot at the last push - moving the bigger items and cleaning up our old place. Nice to have a full deposit returned.

Family came to town for Archer's baby blessing, but right in the middle of moving.

I think we're mostly sleeping on the floor for now.

I had to go to Florida for work last week, a quick 48 hour trip that felt way short and exhausting. 

And while there, my eyelid decided to break out with cold sores. Not fun. 

I got home late Wednesday night and didn't want to go to work because of that. Also because I hadn't showered and I was exhausted. Except, surprise, we still don't have internet at our new house, so I couldn't work from home. I texted a friend about working from her house that day, which was no problem. She set up an access code for me to get into her house, and as soon as I sat down to log onto her internet and start working, the power went out in her whole neighborhood. Foiled!

I had no choice but to go into the office, but I didn't want anyone to see me. I wasn't really dressed to be seen in public, so I pulled a hoodie over my face, went to a different floor and hid out all day. Thankfully I could confide in one person who brought me a plate of food and some drinks.

The next day my eye was clearing up, but I got a terrible sinus infection and got really sick. Just in time for Shannon to fly in and be our first houseguest, so we could both celebrate Meghan and Kevin's wedding this weekend. I took lots of drugs and rallied, but I didn't feel well at all. And still had to go to work for one Friday afternoon meeting because, no internet at home. Ugh.

I'm finally feeling a bit better, but now it's off on another weekend trip tonight. I kinda wish I could just have a few days at home feeling well and competent so I can get my life/house together. Yes, I know I'm complaining, but if you can't complain to the internet, where can you complain?

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