Tuesday, October 08, 2019

India: Part 13 - Agra Rugs

After the top attraction in Agra, we stopped at a rug shop. Rugs have been made in this area for centuries, but I think it kinda died off at one point. The industry has been revived in more recent decades, and it employs a lot of women in surrounding villages.

We got to see some examples of weaving and how the rugs are prepared.

Patterns and materials are sent to the women who make them.

Weaving on a large loom.

Then the rugs are looked over for imperfections. Some of those can be corrected.

Then the rugs are washed and dried. I'm always scared of mine getting wet, but apparently it's not a problem.

Mark in our group gave it a try.

After wash and dry, the rugs get raked and trimmed by hand.

Ready for sale! I very purposefully left my wallet in our bus (with the driver, locked up) because I knew if I took it in I would immediately buy a rug. I love them. 

Well, guess what? I loved all the rugs and felt like they were a great deal, plus it was shipping included back to the USA, so I went to find the driver, got my wallet, and bought this little beauty. My only regret is that I didn't get a larger one. I'll just have to go back. Or have Parik pick one up for me next time he takes a tour on this route.

So many gorgeous rugs. I think three or four in the group bought one.

I loved this pink-y colored one, but they didn't have anything like it in the size I wanted.

This rug is a $17k rug from silk. So detailed.

I love how rugs change colors depending on the angle.

Wish I could take them all.

Now back to Delhi for the end. We stopped at a rest stop for fast food. They had a Pizza Hut but it just has really weird flavors and not even a basic cheese.

Bye van, thanks for the ride!

We had our final dinner back at the hotel where we said goodbye to each other and our awesome guide! Definitely recommend an Intrepid Tour, especially with Parikshit.

Next up - a little more Delhi and then on to Hyderabad!

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