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Archives - July 2019

Let's get caught up, shall we?

On the last day of June, we had an official housewarming party. We have a pretty decent backyard and party room for hosting. My sister-in-law brought me this beautiful plant. As I write this in December, it's been dead a couple months. I have a black thumb. I can't tell if I'm watering enough or too much. And our house doesn't get a ton of natural light + I have cats who dig in dirt.

I have no idea where this is.

Fourth of July at cousin Mike's, per tradition. It ended up being rainy and windy most of the day, so swimming was short-lived.

After swimming and bbq, we drove up to the Roberts home to do fireworks. All the boys were super into fire and blowing things up.

Saturday fun - hiking in Lambs Canyon

Then down to Provo for dinner Mozz. Pretty solid pizza.

Then off to Sundance for my favorite summer activity - Bluebird Cafe!

Marla Cannon-Goodman, her dad (a country music legend) Buddy Cannon, and Phil O'Donnell

Found a big ole spider somewhere.

Then off to California! My first customer conference at this job, and I knew it was a big deal. For better or worse, my boss decided to leave the company just a few weeks before this, and I got thrust up on stage a couple times in her place. I really just wanted to attend once to see how it all goes, but I did really enjoy being up there.

I had to get up on this stage in front of 3000ish people. Thankfully only for a few minutes.

Show time! Backstage nervous people.

There's me.

Then I had to present mostly by myself for 45-ish minutes. All these people were waiting to come in and listen. Eeeek.

When the day was over, Mike drove down from LA to retrieve the shoes he'd left at my house in May, and because he's the best, he brought me Georgetown Cupcake.

Finally making use of the court at the conference, right before they tore it all down.

Bye-bye Long Beach.

Hi again, Utah.

Cousin Julie (and husband Jesse) moved from VA to UT, so we met up for dinner at Street Tacos. I was pleased they are so large.

Then we tried out Doki Doki. I'm a fan.

The day Anthony had long awaited! He wanted to buy a house so we could get pets. And after being moved in for several weeks, he woke up one day and said, let's get cats. His mom has a friend who is a kitten foster family, and he texted that family in the morning and asked if they had any cats available. They said they were taking the cats to a big adoption event that day, and we could come down and check them out.

We went in to a room full of 100 or so cats, and we left with two little ones.

First few minutes at home. We kept them in one big room for a week or so, giving them space to adjust to their new home. Their names were Fawn and Coug, but we changed them to Miriam and Leo. Anthony wanted to give them Arabic names, but I mostly vetoed that. Miriam is a common Arab name, so he got to name one, and I named Leo.

They were so little!

Okay, I'll stop with the cat photos now. I can overload with kitten snaps on their Instagram account.

Somewhere in here a college friend came to town, and we met up for dinner at Laziz. Shame I didn't get a photo with Chuck! And funny enough, we didn't actually know each other in college, but met at one of our reunions. And turned out at the time we lived just a few blocks from each other in LA, and he frequently travels to OK for work. So funny. 

I happened to walk into Crate and Barrel one evening, and this floor sample sofa was just put out for sale at a major discount. I promptly purchased it.

More hiking! This time at Brighton.

Utah summer really is the best.

Home life now.

Another afternoon hanging out at Sundance, this time with free music. A gathering to say goodbye to one of Anthony's buddies, who moved across the country.

The purchased couch, now in its resting place in our home.

Citrus Pear dinners! I wrote a whole post about this, but I really enjoyed making freezer meals and not having to think about meal planning for a bit.

A visit to the nieces and nephews. Little Archer is usually displeased when I am around.

Q loves soccer. Sort of.

Time to hike again! My former coworker, Rachel, reserves a campsite in the Uintas every year to hang out with her family for a few days. She invited us to come, since she knows we are into hiking and camping. We came up for two nights and had a great time, even if it was rainy a lot of the time.

Of course Anthony went swimming.

I need to get some of these cool campfire color things.

Anthony kept all the kids entertained.

After two nights away we had to get home to the kitties. They were fine.

Off to the vet to finish up some of their vaccinations. The saddest meows during the car ride.

Sleepy after shots.

And that was July.

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