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Archives - September 2019

September! The best month!

So many kitty photos.

On Labor Day we met up with cousin Julie and Jesse, and after much searching, we found a Mexican restaurant that was actually open and laboring. Then we drove up to their house, where wildfires had just burned. They were woken up in the middle of the night by neighbors, and luckily didn't need to evacuate, but close. Sad to see the black hills.

Enjoying their cat tree. I hoped it would stop Leo from climbing up window screens. It kind of helped.

My high school reunion was coming up, and since mom and dad drove all my stuff out to Utah in August, I shared this photo with my class. Sadly, I missed the reunion since I had prior travel plans.  My signature is on there somewhere.

Sharon van Etten and Bon Iver rolled into town. It was glorious.

The next night, 80% of the same crowd went up north to Ogden for The National.

And then the next night I went south to Provo for their very last Twilight Concert ever. Ten years, and they called it a good run. The Moth & the Flame were headlining, so it was a nice way to see it all wrap up.

Time to watch the kiddos in soccer again. I don't think either of them really wanted to play that much. It's all about those snacks.

But this guy was a happy camper.

She wasn't into soccer much that morning, but she was really into washing the car.


My former coworker Florence throws a grand party every fall - I ate and ate and ate.

More babies.

Updated my hair again. Probably the last time I'll do this color. I should settle down or something.

Made enchiladas for the first time ever, I think? Auth Ruth Ann rolled into town that night to be our house guest, and I could happily feed them to her.

Stormy outlook from the office.

Some birthday sparkle.

I finally got into Normal ice cream. The first time I tried it I wasn't wowed. But with the almond dip on top of the salted vanilla, it's pretty solid.

Birthday gifts! It was lots of cat stuff. How creepy are these socks?

Trying to figure out how to make our house feel like our house. First up, paint!

These are excellent. The pumpkin is subtle and delicious.

We had a gathering at our house for my birthday, and I made a cake. I certainly can't decorate one like those fancy Instagram accounts, but it tasted really good.

Dropped a ton of $ at the Pie, but it's the best.


After it got cold.

Hoya Saxa! It's so rad that J took a job based here and moved to SLC for a few months. She's moving back home (east) in early 2020, but for a few months I get a college BFF here!

Getting ready for Halloween.

Jacinda took me to the symphony for my birthday - the music of John Williams!

Another birthday gift :)

These came in the mail - wahoo!

Family photo.

Rufus du Sol - finishing out the Ogden Twilight series for the year. I really dig these guys.

And Waffle Love was still open after the show!

Miriam is the best lap cat.

Then it was Heather's birthday! We also had dinner at this new place - Strap Tank. It was alright and the forks are too big.

And that's most of September, except my birthday trip, coming up!

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