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Archives - November 2019

Stuff that happened last November, a time when I had events on my calendar and could hang out with people. But still mostly hanging out with the cats.

Apparently one night we got soup dumplings at the newish Sweetie D market in the Avenues. I love soup dumplings and they're hard to find here. And then we saw Motherless Brooklyn, which I recall not loving, but liking more than I thought.

The next night we attended the Dia de los Muertos fundraiser for the Sharing Place, an org that helps kids who have lost a parent. Rachel and a couple old coworkers bought a table and invited us, so we chipped in and went to have a good time.

Miriam is the best snuggle cat.

And a little work helper.

So much cat content, but they are the best.

Had some kid time. Look at those cheeks.

Little Q had been sick, so she wasn't allowed to go jumping at the trampoline park with her sisters and cousins. She had the option to go watch or to stay home with me and her dad to watch a show. She had a good pout and said - it's so hard to choose! So she watched for a bit, got bored, and I took her home.

All dressed up for the symphony. A friend who works there got us tickets for a Rachmaninoff piano concerto. It was beautiful and I cried.

Great seats, so we could see all the action of the piano keys.

Sunday morning I made a Dutch baby pancake in a skillet in the oven, and despite saying a couple times - don't touch that skillet handle, it just came out of the oven - guess what. Anthony's reflexes took over and he grabbed the pan with his whole hand.

These little ones somehow managed to dislodge a pin in the fire extinguisher that's in the background.

I had just mopped the day before too! That stuff went everywhere.

These are pretty good.

I tried to recreate my favorite bowl from Sweetgreen. It's a lot of work to make all these ingredients separately.  Lots of cooking and chopping. It was pretty good, but only if you're doing this in major bulk to have for lunch every day.

Spotify gave out free Google Home things, so I grabbed one. We use it sometimes. Mostly set it up to turn off Christmas lights. And sometimes other things. But we're not very on the smart home train.

Another week, another charity event. This time for Anthony's org - Big Brothers, Big Sisters. I had volunteered at this event a few years ago, and it was fun to go back. I had a role to help a couple chefs who were catering, but they had everything under control so I didn't have to do much. Then we ate and hung out.

A dentist appointment, a hair appointment (still with some purple hair), and a sleepy kitty.

In the sweater box.

These chips are amazing.

I love Miriam.

Had an early morning temple date with Meghan and Heather - last time before SLC closed up for a four-year renovation. Then breakfast at Pulp. Which was good, but not mind blowing.

Can you believe the size of this nutty little cabbage?

Snow storm coming, we did a night of Trader Joe's groceries and ice melt at the hardware store and something from Michael's for a project.

And then a hike in Parley's before the road closed for the season.

So happy for a garage this year! Even if only one car fits in. Bye-bye snow scraping.

First year to have a big Christmas tree, so I hit up Target for all the trimmings. And of course, they had cute cat toys for winter.

The only photo from Thanksgiving, apparently. We headed up to the in-laws for the day. Great food, smoked turkey, and I'm sure I brought a couple things.

Tree trimming! I had to persuade Anthony a bit, but he ended up pleased with the result. Glowing lights just add so much. Shatterproof ornaments only, and surprisingly the cats didn't try to climb the tree. Just nibbled on the ends a bit. Fake tree is the way to go.

Meghan was in town from TX with her in-laws, so we had a breakfast date at Sweet Lake to catch up on life. Luckily no wait and Anthony got to crash the party, despite thinking Kevin was coming along, but Meghan and I planned for girls night. I'm glad my husband and friends all get along.

Hello, winter! On to December.

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