Sunday, September 13, 2020

It's September, It's Still Coronatimes

I think I'm tired of trying to do a daily blog blurb, so maybe I'll aim for weekly or something. And then I drafted something for the first week of September, delayed on publishing it, and then I lost power/internet at my house for four solid work days, so who knows what this publishing schedule will be. It's whatever I feel like!

And Leo does whatever he feels like. So here's the beginning of September, typically a favorite month for the change of seasons and my birthday.

For Tuesday night, the month opener, we made a date night and went to REI to buy Anthony a backpack. He got fitted for one recently, and with their Labor Day sale he was able to snag it for 25% off. They had one left in the store. He's headed to Alaska soon and will do some trekking for a few days, so it was time. Then we ordered dinner from Mahider and came home to eat a delicious Ethiopian feast. I remember the first time I tried Ethiopian in DC when I was a young one, and I was not a fan. Very glad I've grown out of that.

I feel like there was something kinda stressful on Wednesday morning, maybe work related. Details escape me. Or maybe Anthony had something stressful. Anyway, then in the afternoon we had to take two cats to the vet for their annual checkup and some vaccines, and that is stressful and sad. I was dreading the car ride all morning. 

It's a two person job to take them, and we got them into their carriers without too much issue. I got the carriers out a couple weeks ago and they've been playing in there, so it's not too bad. But then when you take them to the car and start driving - eeek. The saddest, scaredest meows you ever heard. I drove and Anthony attempted to hold both their carriers and calm them down. It's so sad, but we gotta do it. 

They did great once we got to the vet, and they do better if they can see each other. No issues for the doc to try and see their teeth or feet or check their heart rates. They got a couple shots each to keep the healthy, and then we headed home. They were totally calm on the way home and were back to normal eating and playing that afternoon. Thankfully we don't have to do it again for a year.

Miriam did jump onto my lap for a bit, which she hasn't done in awhile. I guess she just needed some extra cuddles when it was over. I'll take it.

Then I had to rush off for a young women's event - the annual back to school hot dog roast up in Millcreek Canyon. We haven't done an activity in several weeks and it's been pretty quiet over the summer. It was nice to see the girls, and I kinda love a hot dog for dinner.

Thursday I got a delivery from Mad Dough! They open orders each Monday at 9am and you've gotta jump. The blueberry cream one was excellent. All the fillings were quite good, and the Oreo one surprised me. Would order again.

Time for some cat photos. I got some packages and they love packages. 

We got a Hello Fresh box again this week - I've come to accept that it's just always going to be one day late from here on out. At least it stays cold. I usually pick meals that I've never make at home (avoid the basic pastas, etc) but we got a pasta one this week and it blew my mind. Can't wait to make it again. Zucchini, mushroom, and a sauce with tomatoes and creme fraiche - so so good.

Printer cat.

Friday at work I had an afternoon meeting with a couple folks about things I am working on, and it was a much tougher meeting than I expected. I walked away feeling like everything I've been doing got ripped apart, and I spent most of the rest of the holiday weekend wondering if I should've taken the other job offer that I got. Not a great feeling. Happy to report now that things are totally fine, but I keep reminding myself I took this role to be challenged. And here we are. 

Friday night we had a small backyard BBQ with Chris and Sabra, to celebrate his birthday. They had a couple other people over, but it was small and outside and felt alright. And then on Saturday, cousin Julie had us over for Jesse's big birthday - number 40. And then she also made it into my birthday as well, with big ole balloons and a present from my Aunt Sally. Jesse made brisket and we had a good night with food and family. 

Their friend's kid was over and he is obsessed with Toy Story, so we all had to take a turn with Woody's hat. 

I am really not looking forward to this birthday (the 16th) and accepting that I'm now 40. I don't feel 40 and it's scary to say out loud, even though I know it's not a big deal. I had planned to be in another country, but that's cancelled, and the next best option is to throw a party with everyone I know, but that can't happen, so part of me just wants to ignore the day and pretend like it's not happening. However, it was really nice to acknowledge this milestone in some way and with someone who is going through it with me, so like it or not, Jesse and I are gonna have to accept this soon!

I spend part of the holiday weekend back in Park City and surrounding areas, finishing up the parade of homes tour. A few highlights. 

Fancy golf course developments. Do people out here actually all play golf? 

I am ready to change out all my towel bars for hooks. 

Another HelloFresh meal - a good sweet potato, kale and sausage soup. It was pretty good, but I have a similar version that I've made that I like a little better. But the sweet potato addition is excellent. 

On Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we got a Facetime call from the nieces. Quinn is the one who called, I think, but then she didn't say much. Then Hallie hops on and says, "Quinn has something she wants to ask you," and then of course Quinn says, "No I don't!" Turns out they really wanted us to come over. Instead we settled on going with the to the zoo on Monday. And with covid restrictions and reservations, we had an 8:30am time slot. Who gets up that early on a holiday?! We do, because we love those kiddos. 

Archer loves the animals. Except the lions are "scary."

We stopped at Habit for lunch and ate inside, because no one else was in there. First time inside a restaurant in months!

Then we all came to our house so the kiddos could see the cats. 

Monday night was grilling tacos at Meghan's. We cobbled together our various ingredients and made a yummy meal. Gotta use up all those garden tomatoes. 

We left Meghan's a little early in the evening because we knew the big windstorm was coming that night and we wanted to secure some things on our back porch. And boy, did that windstorm come. We woke up Tuesday morning to this and cold temperatures.

And then in the middle of a meeting around 9:30am, our power went out. 

Our neighborhood got hit pretty badly - lots of downed trees and wires and a few damaged houses and cars. Luckily our property is totally fine, and whoever cut down the big tree that was once in our front yard probably did us a big favor. I had a huge meeting on Wednesday morning, based off of last Friday's conversations, and I was expected to lead it, so after cleaning up some yard stuff in the morning, Anthony and I both headed to my office in the afternoon for power and internet. 

Without a way to cook dinner (and of course we went grocery shopping the day before) we grabbed a bite to eat at Makanmakan (Indonesian) and then went to Walmart for some extra headlamps and emergency supplies. They sky was strange. 

We got home and cleaned out the fridge. My friend Emily offered up a small fridge at her place, so I took a big load of groceries over there. We put less important things like condiments in our large cooler and filled it with ice and hoped for the best. 

Cozy reading before bed. 

We slept okay at home, didn't get too cold or anything. But I had to be in person for this big meeting I was leading, and it was the first time I would be meeting any of these coworkers, so I had to look presentable. I managed a warm shower, but realized that our hot water heater is electric, so that wouldn't last long. I took all the rest of my toiletries and hair styling tools to work and got ready in the bathroom. That's not the awesomest, by the way.


The meeting actually went pretty well, and I feel good about how things are heading now. I stayed at the office for most of the day, while Anthony was at his parents for the day, trying to get some work done. 

I came home in the evening with Leo contemplating how long it'll take until we have power. I did end up going to OrangeTheory class that night, and then going to Meghan's for a hot shower and dinner. She made soup, and it was great to have a hot meal that I didn't have to worry about making. 

On Thursday Anthony and I both went to Meghan's house for the day to work. She and all her roommates were gone, so we mostly had the house to ourselves. We grabbed Trader Joe's for lunch, and then figured that we likely wouldn't have power into the weekend, so we made plans to head to Taylor's for the night. We packed a bag, got the kitties settled and drove south. 

The nieces thought it hilarious and strange that Anthony's hair now fits in one of their scrunchies. 

My sleepover pal. 

I had a really early meeting on Friday morning, and I was happy to be in a place where I could do that at home. No internet at home. really messes things up. Then I had a team lunch with work - the first time I met my boss! We had lunch at a sushi joint in Lehi, and it was great to actually see people in person. Finally sinking in that I work here. 

I came back to Taylor's in the afternoon and played with the kiddos. I got Archer up from his nap and he stayed to snuggle on my shoulder for a solid 15 minutes. Cuddliest he has been with me ever! I thought he was still asleep, but he wasn't. Just wanted to hang out there. 

We had some outside time before we went home. 

Got home to boring, dark house, so we popped up to Barnes and Noble so Anthony could get a notebook, then we walked to Cubby's for dinner. All their outside tables were taken, but they had a deserted corner with no one around, so we ate inside and watched Georgia high school football on a TV. Much better than sitting home in the dark. 

 I also snuck in a quick walk around the block and found more downed trees. It's pretty sad. 

We went to bed around 10pm and I was almost asleep when I heard the beeps of the oven and microwave come on upstairs. Miracle! Friday night, 10:29pm, power is back! Most of the neighborhood is back now with the exception of a few houses with downed power lines. Everyone has been really helpful and generous with cleaning up and checking in on neighbors. We live in a great spot. 

We got a new blanket and Leo came to happy snuggle with us now that we've got lights.

Saturday was a day of chores. Running the dishwasher, doing laundry, scrubbing the fridge before we put anything back in it, cleaning out the coolers, mowing the lawn, all the things. Feels so nice. 

Leo was amazed at our productivity.

We picked up our stuff from Emily's fridge and now it's all clean and we have food. Hooray! We also tried out a new taco joint down the way in Holladay, and can recommend. 

Saturday night I got a text from Taylor that the mountain behind his house was on fire. So wild that we were there the day before. They did evacuate for the night, but thankfully everything got under control and they could return home on Sunday afternoon. So scary, and way too close for comfort. 

Sunday was my week to go to church, so I did. Then I came home and made french toast with buttermilk syrup, because I needed to use up some bread and buttermilk. Mmmm...sugar for breakfast. 

Miriam is a little beggar, even though we never give her any. 

We spent the day journaling, watching tv, napping, and going on a walk. Then Anthony overheard a neighbor altercation where one guy got mad because someone's sprinklers get on his car. He then cut off the sprinkler heads in the offending neighbor's yard and made some serious threats. Cops were called and everything seems fine now, but maybe there's a reason we haven't met that crazy guy and we should probably just stay away. Yikes. 

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