Sunday, July 11, 2021

February 2021

Let's go back and see what I was doing in February. It was still covid times and winter. Terrible combo. But apparently not super terrible with a Miriam on your lap. 

Ordered these baskets, intending to hold shoes in here, but these two had other plans. Oh, and see this carpet? It's gone now, which is excellent. 

We cooked something with lots of veggies? 

A beauty influence convinced me to buy this. It does work. 

Instagram bakeries that deliver are all the rage in Utah lately, and it's a delicious problem to have. These pop-tart things are amazing. 

Our basement drain has backed up a handful of times since we moved in nearly 2 years ago, and I kinda figured that's what happens with an old house. The floor is tile and it does slope into the drain, so it seems like someone planned for that. But in Feb it backed up really badly. So we called someone. Which led us to discover we needed to repair our sewer line - shoot a new liner down it - and prevent the trees from taking over. So $10,000 and a big hole in our yard later, we have a repaired sewer line - good for 50 years!

The number of rocks in this ground is astounding. 

Valentine's Day + Anthony's birthday = I ordered some a chocolate sampler box. 

One kitty on the left leg, one on the right leg means I don't move all night. 

The best. 

What's Gaby Cooking has some excellent recipes. I just need to start buying cooked quinoa instead of making it myself. It seems to take forever. 

Utah Art Market had a weekend market and I went to explore. 

Came home with these pressed flowers - the nicest older gentleman does this. He presses flowers from his garden, along with vegetables. I love these colors, so this is now in my front room. 

Miriam's morning spot. 

And this weirdo keeps stuffing himself into small baskets. 

I guess I made nachos. 

Tough guys. 

Leo bats all the toys under the stove. Retrieval operation yielded this bounty. 

My lazies. 

One night they watched some nature videos and got hyped. Then we watched calm your cat videos on a YouTube channel, and they yawned and laid down. 

Oof. Yeah. Watched the impeachment trial. Glad that chapter is over. 

We slowly started to resume church youth activities with masks on. I scheduled a date to volunteer at the food back, and it was a great night. 


She paws at me so much if I am eating. I never give her people food, but she is the biggest beggar. And apparently only does this with me, not Anthony. 

Anthony ordered me Georgetown Cupcake for Valentine's Day. Always the best. 

Shepard's pie thing from HelloFresh is actually really solid. 

He is just the best. 

We splurged on Freshie's takeout! Lobster sandwiches are no joke in price. 

Many months late, but I did make it into the pandemic bread baking fad. I do the super easy no knead recipes. I am not capable with yeast. 

Not bad? 

Fancy lemon olive oil and some flavored balsamic. It works. 

Anthony's birthday - was a Monday, I think? He wanted to go out and look for a cave. I agreed, but hadn't really planned to take the day off, so I was trying to squeeze it in. I was stressed, out of my element trying to hike up slippery slopes, it was cold and very windy, and it was not the best day. I tried. And I cried. 

But he went in a cave. 

It snowed a lot, so we brought some in for the kitties to try. I think they sorta liked it? 

New flooring! We started this install in late Feb. And as of July 11, it is still not complete. Home projects right now are not fun. 

We ordered from the local pie guy - again, an Instagram business. You just text him, and he bakes 3 days a week. This pot roast pie is incredible. 

Anthony got a birthday call from the nieces. They know how to do all sorts of screen sharing and filters and drawing, and I do not know how to do this. 

Then we delved into the other pie - a blueberry sour cream, and holy smokes, it is amazing. 

So much snow. 

More cat photos. Sorry/not sorry. 

Good news/bad news for my wallet and waistline. Normal at Harmon's! 

Bought a slew of puzzles for winter. These little sneakies eat my pieces. 

Little nephew turned 2! I took him a present. 


Looks like that's most of February, until we left for Arizona and a dude ranch! That's up next. 

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