Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home on the Blueberry Farm

Christmas at home was good. Lots of changes since I was home last, over 2 years ago. 

First up, our land/blueberry farm.  The first couple pics were taken this fall, when my grandparents and aunts from AZ went to visit my parents.  It's kinda beautiful.  I've already promised to go back in June for the big harvest, plus my 10 year high school reunion.  Yikes!

My favorite little Honey dog, who turned 7 this year.  Time for the mid-life crisis!

Best part of Christmas day, getting to talk to this sibling, who's down in Argentina for two years.  Although Tanner gets to email his family every week, he only gets to call home twice a year.  We got to talk for about an hour, the entire family on one conference line.  He sounded a little homesick and said he had to take a cold shower that morning to try and make it feel like Christmas.  It's really hot there right now and their apartment doesn't have air conditioning.  He's sort of getting the hang of Spanish now, but I think he needs a couple more months to be completely comfortable.  He still loves what he's doing though, and isn't ready to come home anytime soon. 
Tanner's job used to be to rice the potatoes.....I got to take over this year.
Mom waited until I got home to decorate the tree.  I can't remember the last time I did that.
Caught up with the BFF who now has a husband and a 1-year old.  It was a little strange going home this time around; I'm used to meeting up with old high school friends and hanging out.  Now most people have spouses and kids and spent their Christmas doing the family.  Granted, I loved spending so much time with my parents, but I kinda missed the old reunions with old friends.  Minon's an exception though, we will always, always meet up!

My dad just built a new office in town; it's been all my parents could talk about for the last several months, and finally I got to see it in the flesh.  Apparently it's the talk of the town too; probably the nicest building in the county.  Well done, parents.
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