Thursday, April 19, 2007

Streak Over

I was doing so well, writing semi-regularly. And that's going to waste again for the next couple weeks most likely.

Tomorrow: Parents arrive for the weekend
Monday: Work road trip to PA. The driver already made a rule that we can't bring FunYuns and we can't stop at the outlet mall and we have to share all McDonalds Happy Meal toys. And we can't ask "Are we there yet?"
Tuesday: Fly to Westchester NY in the afternoon.
Wednesday: Spend the day in work meetings in Westchester. At least I get to sleep on a nice Marriott bed that I'm not paying for.
Thursday: Catch a flight outta Baltimore for an awesome California weekend. I know you're jealous.

1 comment:

Andre said...

ha! and now my streak must begin - i'm settling down now after all the hooplah. Enjoy the week of travel Chica!

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