Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Taking the Plunge

Busy weekend, I haven't had one of those in awhile; seemed like it was go, go go. Friday night SAM and I caught the Sk6ers at 930, along with Mattie Wertz - good night of the acoustic guitar rock singer/songwriter stuff that I used to be all over. Then we drove out to good ole Dr. Dremos to say adios to PAE, who's going back into the Army. If he's nice, I'll send Rice Krispy treats to support the troops. VA needs to get on the ball and ban smoking in bars, cause I could only stand to be in that place for about 15 minutes.

Saturday was the long-awaited lovely wedding of Dr. Dre and the Mrs in Baltimore. I thought I left my house in plenty of time, but once I drove down the wrong road about 5 times, I realized I was going to be late, and probably walking down the aisle about the same time the bride did. Thankfully that didn't happen, and all was well. Great ceremony, wonderous food at the reception (did I mention I enjoy prime rib?), and good company at the table. I was a little nervous going on my own, but kudos to the seating arrangements! Even got a new facebook friend out of it!

I raced back from Bmore to catch my HOYAS in the semifinal game at Mark Brad-Grab's place, though sadly we fell to Ohio State. I spent the evening walking from the party near the cathedral, down into Georgetown and over to Foggy Bottom. Long walk, but nice to be out and about on a lovely evening.

Sunday was GenCon, and that meant food at Robins, including some really weird Brazilian lemonade that was way too bitter for me to drink, even after dumping in a cup of sugar into a tiny glass.

I decided to take my gym notch up another level and get more workout gear for home. The gym just isn't cutting it these days; even though I feel I'm going more often, nothing is happening to my body. No inches lost, scale's not going down, and nothing is really toning. And I'm doing it all right! Maybe if I had the super fun workout ball a few times a week that will help. We'll see. I got a good workout just trying to inflate the dang thing.

Tomorrow is the usual Lost party at my house that happens on the first Wed of each month. Too bad I haven't watched in 3 weeks! I'm vigorously trying to catch up, and get through some Netflix queue which has been neglected, and read The Namesake before I see it in theaters. I love me some media consumption.

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